Posted by: granny1947 | March 10, 2015

Granny has more vistors


Hello All.

Yes, we have had a whole heap of these visiting.
They are Great White Egrets.
Notice their beaks are yellow.
Apparently, this only happens in the breeding season.
The rest of the year they are black.
End of today’s lesson.

The builders have come in and are working on our ceiling.
Absolute chaos.
Last night we had an orange ceiling.
I think that was the glue.
Today they put a layer of plaster(I think).
Now we have a brown ceiling.
Tomorrow it has to dry.
On Thursday they come in and paint.
Today, when I got home,  everything in the lounge was covered in newspaper.
And taped down.
I couldn’t even get into the fridge.
And I was hungry.
The bed was covered in stuff from the kitchen.
So I couldn’t nap.
I shall be glad when this is over.
And then I don’t want to hear ONE complaint from Mex.

Otherwise, nothing exciting happening in my life.
All this will change when I win the lottery tonight.
You can’t say I don’t have positive thinking.
I go to sleep every night thinking of what I shall do with the money.
At least I DO have a ticket.
That is the first positive step!

Now I had better go and make a salad.
We are having left over Macaroni and cheese.
They have taken out our lounge and kitchen lights.
We shall be having a romantic candlelit dinner!!!


  1. Sounds like progress . . . after 2 steps back.

    Enjoy your mac & cheese by candlelight!

    • Hi NR…it was good…but not really romantic!!!

  2. Now I know why I’m so glad I married two D-I-Y-ers (one after the other!) who also have to live with any chaos they might make, so they don’t make much.

    • Hi is exhausting!!!

  3. if you should win the lottery, don’t forget your friend in BG. me! Salad and macaroni cheese by candle light sounds very romantic but I doubt it will be that way.
    If your ceiling is dodgy what about when you walk in the room above or is it all on one level…typical builders… do hope that you will be safe..the mess and dust will clear up

    • Don’t worry P….will fly you over for a holiday!

  4. Glad to hear it’s getting done! Nice visitors…do they leave a mess behind them after they’ve gone? 😉

    • The builders or the birds???

  5. how much did you win on the lottery? Or are you already sunning yourself on an island?

  6. Nice to catch up with you again, holding thumbs that they finish up and leave things nice and clean for you. ps: I know I’ll be the first person you call when you win the Lotto xxx

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