Posted by: granny1947 | February 24, 2015

Granny gets bitten.


Hello All.

Yep, I have been bitten.
Not by a dog, or a cat, or, God Forbid, a snake.
But by a very vicious nasty tummy bug.
I am not ill enough to take to my bed.
Well, I did for a nap.
And not ill enough to solicit much sympathy from Mex.
His only reaction has been “don’t kiss me, you might be catching!”
And, “do you want green peppers for the meat balls tonight?”
Mind you…he had better not catch it.
We only have one loo.


I have been trying to copy an Aunty Acid cartoon onto my post.
I copied it into word.
But it just won’t copy onto the post.
I love her.
I can SO relate.

And now, I have to go and pick up dog poop.
Be still my beating heart.


  1. Copy a pic in Word to Paint. Then save it as a .JPG My Pictures. From there you should be able to post it. Have fun.

    • Thanks Krag…will try that tomorrow.

  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t well. Hope you’ll be okay tomorrow. In this retirement place I have realised that tummy bugs, bronchitis and all chesty things LOVE the change of season, whether it’s from summer to winter or vice versa.

    • Thank so much Adee…am sure I will be fine…though I wouldn’t mind a day off.

  3. it must be something that you have eaten or drunk in the last few days..think back! When Mum and Dad came..are they alright?Mex sounds ok so what have you eaten that nobody else did….. you poor old thing , not only get injure on your arm but now a bad really are in the wars! Imodium is good stuff !

    • The tummy has settled, just feel a little nauseous and headachy.

  4. Damned glad it was not snake!

    • Oh me too Patreica, me too.

  5. Oh yuck, tummy bugs are the worst! I hope you feel better really soon. (SO glad it wasn’t a snake though!)

    • Anything is better than a snake RD!!!

  6. Ah, the joys of dog poop! I miss my dog, but not that chore. 🙂

    • My favourite pastime…not!!!

  7. Oh dear, poor you. To copy a picture into a post: Right click on the picture, scroll down to “copy link address”, then, in your WordPress post, click on “add media” then on “from URL” . Control plus V will paste the link in the blank space (you should delete the “http” before pasting. the link) .. Click on “insert picture” and Bob’s your uncle.

  8. With your recent history of injuries, you should thank your lucky stars it wasn’t a snake!

    • Hehehe…am developing a nervous tic around animals!

  9. If you have a tummy bug . . . maybe you should cross meat balls off the menu?

    Just sayin’ 😎

    • Tummy bug gone…feel great today!

  10. Poor you. Take care and let Mex pick up the poop

    • That will NEVER happen!!!!!

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