Posted by: granny1947 | February 21, 2015

Granny is STILL in the wars.

001Hello All.

I just can’t believe one arm can get into so much trouble.
This morning my internet explorer died on me.
After trying everything I could think of, including re-starting the computer umpteen times, I went down to the Border Collie’s Mom and Dad.
He is quite clued up computer wise.(the owner, not the dog)
When I walked into the garden Blade(that is the dog’s name) was so happy to see me he jumped up and took two pieces of flesh out my arm.
Then, just for luck, he took out another piece as I was leaving.

All is forgiven because the owner came and downloaded Google Chrome and I was able to re-connect.
Now Explorer is also working again.
Which is just as well because, for the life of me, I could not find my dashboard on Chrome.

They have said I am welcome to take him out to play.
But I am dubious.
That is one boisterous dog.
Not sure I can handle him.
I want to take him to one of the green areas in the complex so he can chase his ball.
Burn off some of that energy.
But, Mex says what if he takes off.
And he is right.
I am beyond chasing a dog.
And what if he gets bitten by a puffadder?
I would never forgive myself.
I have to give this some thought.

When we got back from our walk the Pitbull pup from next door came hurtling over and threw herself at Jasmine.
Jasmine promptly took exception.
Pinned the pup to the ground and growled.
Much to the consternation of the neighbours.
However, Jasmine was just telling her to behave.

The weather forecast for today was rain all day.
We haven’t had a drop.
But now I have to grill the meat we were going to BBQ.

Oh well, I had better get cooking.
Or I won’t be popular.
Anyway, I am quite hungry.
A nice T.bone sounds quite good right now.
Mex will keep half of his for tomorrow.
Not me.
Think I could eat a KG of meat right now.
Sorry vegetarians.


  1. that was nice of you to think about taking Blade outside to play ball…but you are right , he could run or get bitten then it would all be your fault and then you would lose the help for your computer…can’t you play in his garden , maybe not yours as Jasmine might not like that. You got dogs everywhere by the sound of it….
    Sorry (again) about your poorly arm..I hope you have had your tetanus injection, if not do it now…..
    The cancer my Rosie has is lymphatic …does that make sense.
    Try to keep out of trouble and I hope you enjoyed your grilled meat

    • The meat was grilled to perfection…I shall take a bow…do you really think I need a tetanus injection?

      • Yes I do…dog scratches can become harmful and z tetanus is a must with a nimals and gardens, like rose bush es, probably be ok but when our Guido bit me by mistake the doc gave me tetanus

      • Google it to find out..I did znd it says cuts and bites

  2. Ouch! Those are nasty injuries! I do think you’re wise to consider the potential problems in taking Blade out off-leash. His family should be finding safe places to take him out to play. Glad your internet is working again!

    • Apparently they take him to a field to play twice a week!

  3. OUCH!

    Apology NOT accepted. 😛

  4. I love Google Chrome – it knocks spots off Explorer, when you get used to it.

    Your poor arm! I think the nips are the result of insufficient handling and lack of exercise (the dog, not you!) That’s a good idea to play with him in his own garden, but make good friends with him through the fence first!

  5. Kath I do hope you have cleaned those wounds well and take good care of them. Not nice….and germs are everywhere. Take care of you my friend….miss you around these parts. Am heading in to hospital on Tuesday finally for my knee replacement. Love you xx

  6. Oh dear – ouch! That looks painful. 😦

    • Hi Elaine…it is much better today.

  7. That looks pretty sore, hope you cleaned it up good, but a tetanus injection wouldn’t go amiss either. Better safe than sorry, you know what germs are like for multiplying.
    Blade is rather boisterous, probably because he doesn’t get out as much as he should and has never been socialized. You might be biting off more than you can chew by taking him out on your walks. Think that one over seriously. His owners should be giving him more attention, otherwise, why have a dog? Beats me.

    • I agree Barb…the owner says they take him to a school field a couple of times a week but I don’t think that is enough for a Border Collie.

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