Posted by: granny1947 | February 20, 2015

Granny finds it!!!

002Hello All.

The photo I couldn’t find yesterday.
Why couldn’t I find it?
Wait for it…..
I hadn’t downloaded it yet.
Another senior moment.
They are becoming more frequent!

004Isn’t he lovely.
He has grown so much.
I have decided that, over the weekend, I shall go around and ask if he can come out to play.
I will let you know how that goes.
Hold thumbs.

While I am on the subject of dogs here is a recent one of Jasmine.

006My poor darling is finally getting old.
The side of her face is starting to sink in.
Just in front of her right ear.
She also battles to get up, sometimes, when she is lying on the tiled floor.
Having said that, when I take out her lead she bounces around like a puppy.
Hopefully, she will be around for a while still.

I, also, found this shot on my camera.

007This complex is full of locusts.
They have given me many a fright.
Out the corner of my eye I will see movement and my first thought is SNAKE!
I wonder why they all gather together like that?
I suppose I could google it.
But I probably won’t.

See you all over the weekend!


  1. I sure hope that poor dog’s owners will let him come out to play, he seems to have such a look of longing. Jasmine is still beautiful (as is her mom) – how old is she now? She has such sweet, soft eyes. I didn’t realize those were locusts, at first glance I thought it was a plant! Talk about a tight clique! (Sorry, someone had to say it…) Have a wonderful weekend Granny!

    • She is twelve RD and, according to the vet, that is her lifespan. She has the most wonderful nature and adores me but the feeling is mutual.

  2. 12 years is a good age for a dog. My Rosie is 13 now and for 2 years has had cancer, Now her back legs are all wobbly and two days ago we thought we would have to let her go overThe Bridge but she just had an off day…
    Those people do not deserve to have such alovely dog.
    I know well those senior moments

    • He is getting his revenge on his owners…he has now chewed up two beds!
      Where has Rosie got cancer?
      How awful for you.

      • she has cancer. that works its way through the veins, I can’t remember the word, another senior moment. She also had a stroke which left her with a floppy head leaning one way. She is very thin even tho she eats well. The time will come when we must let her go but not just yet. I keep praying that God will take her naturally but I guess He is still too busy….
        I think it is terrible that dog should have to destroy things just to get attention, not the way to go.It is boredom, frustration, unhappiness and anger that makes them try to draw attention by doing such things but it is the owners that are at fault

  3. Two lovely dogs.

  4. Jasmine is still looking good in spite of her age (it’s just a number after all). My Poppy is 15.5 now and but for a little stiffness in her joints, she is fine.
    The Border Collie is begging to go for a walk; I hope they say yes to you.

    • What size is Poppy?

      • She is tiny, a shih-tzu and weighs just under 15 lbs.

      • Oh…they live longer than big dogs.

      • She will be 16 in July this year.

      • Is she a small dog?

  5. Jasmine still looks so much like herself, it is difficult to imagine her getting old

    • I know Sidey…but I am seeing the sighs…sigh

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