Posted by: granny1947 | December 17, 2014

Granny uses some choice language.


My first the right of the brick and slightly up.

Hello All.

Yes, I said some words not to be repeated on this blog.
It had to happen.
It was hot today.
And Jasmine and I set off for our walk quite late.
Apparently, this is not a good idea.

We were walking along, minding our own business when Jasmine suddenly. stopped and stared to the right of me.
I glanced over and froze.
A frigging huge Puffader.
Fortunately moving away from me.

I was interested to note that I did not run.
I, actually, didn’t move.
And then I took a picture.
How brave was that?

Nope, it wasn’t really brave.
More likely shocked rigid.
And I cut our walk short.
Much to Jasmine’s disgust.
But, she got an extra biscuit.
Just for the warning.
She is in my good books.

In other news I took my Dad to the hospital and they removed the stitches.
He was quite brave.
I asked if they were going to reward him with a lollipop.
But they weren’t forthcoming.
I still have to go and do his dressings for the next few days but we are almost there.

And now I am off for a shower.
Shock tires me out.
Most things tire me out.
But fright does a really good job.
Hope I don’t have nightmares tonight.

Can you lot see the snake in the picture?



  1. I see it . . . slinking around in its camouflage suit. Well done, Jasmine!

    • And well done, Granny!

      • Thank you for remembering I was there too!!!

      • Tried to put a comment on your post…suddenly it does not like my email address!!!

  2. I enlarged the picture and, yip, there it was. A very big snake. Well done to both you and Jasmine!

    • Yes, I clicked on the photo and had a good look…in my fright I could have sworn it was yellow!!!

  3. I clicked on the picture and once enlarged, I could see it clearly…it looked like a big one from the size of it’s girth. Jasmine did good and you were quite brave to take a pic of it – I’d have been off like a shot with my dog!

    • Hi Barb…it is the first snake Jasmine has seen…she seemed to know she mustn’t go closer.

  4. Horrifying. Well done not succumbing to hysteria! and Bravo Jasmine. I hope you don’t have nightmares.

    • Morning Viv…slept quite well…no dreams…I can remember.

  5. Goeie Frikkadel!! I would have screamed like a girl. Oh ok, I am a girl – but still. How the hell did you manage to take a picture nogal, my hands would be shaking l

    • Hehehe…don’t tell anyone but I WAS shaking like a leaf!

  6. I must need my eyes testing as I could not see Mr Snake at first but then I spotted him..grey I think.
    As far as I know snakes will not attack unless provoked,,,BUT…please do not try proving my theory! Just watch where you are going , wear decent covered shoes and keep a eye open.
    I do think that you are brave. I would have screamed and run the other way, whilst you calmly stand and take a photo…
    Good for jasmine..she has a nose for danger , so watch out for her signals

    • Hi Patrecia…click on the picture and then look for the brick…it is just above it and to the right…a big fat dude. Most snakes will move away…so I hear…puffadders are lazy(usually) and wait until you stand on them and then they get annoyed. This one was quite active…fortunately moving AWAY from me. I just had to share the experience with you guys.

  7. just had a read about Puffadder…. Please be extra careful and keep to clear pathways where you can see ahead

    • Don’t worry…I have got slack and have been wearing flip flops…no more…closed shoes today…and eyes out on stalks.

  8. Glad we don’t have snakes in Hawaii, yet 🙂

    • I agree…they are my least favourite creatures!!!

  9. ACK!! That’s one scary snake!! I shall send you some thick, thigh-high boots with steel tips!! Be careful on your walks my dear friend….we don’t want to see a picture of a Puffadder with a Granny-shaped bump inside…. 😉

    • Hi RD…I don’t think Puffadders eat you. They just bite you and you often lose the limb they bite. I shall be careful…I am rather attached to all my parts!

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