Posted by: granny1947 | November 29, 2014

Granny is warned off.





Hello All.

Yes, I got told off in no uncertain terms just now.
Can you see the plover?
Let me download another shot.

To quote Nancy…ahhh that’s better.
Except I can’t get the writing down below the photo.
What the devil is going wrong.

The two of them screamed blue murder at us.
And then I saw why.
They have two babies.
I got a pic but I doubt you will be able to see them.
Tomorrow I shall take the big camera a try to zoom in on them.

Then I also saw this couple.
You shall probably have to look below for the photo.

Nope, you have to look up.
Damn this is annoying.
Can someone please tell me why this is suddenly happening.

Anyway, I love Egyptian Geese.
This place is becoming more and more interesting.




  1. Are you using the new WP format? I couldn ‘t get on with it, and have gone back to the classic format. It’s still a bit hit or miss trying to wrap text around a picture, though.

    • I think I went back to the old format but maybe it changed back…will look next time.

      • Here’s what I do when I have lots of photos to share:

        I type a string of A, B,C, down the left hand side. I insert the photos between the letters. Then I change A to the 1st sentence, B to the second, etc.

        Or . . . I write the post first and just type “pic” where I plan to insert the photos.

        Or . . . if I put a photo in and am finding it hard to type below it, I switch to TEXT mode, move below the link for the pic, type a letter, and return to visual mode to finish typing.

  2. you are so funny! There was a picture below as well but the more the merrier.. a plover is a sort of goose bird but brown and they have babies…not surprised that they told you to go away. Geese can be quite vicious when protecting their young and I don’t want a Granny with a big bite in her leg or a Jasmine with a bitten bum.
    I am pleased that you are enjoying your new life, if I ever win the lottery(which would be a miracle as I don’t do it) or somebody leaves me a packet in their Will I will come to visit you. LOL xxxxx

    • They are pretty small so I don’t think Jasmine and I are in any danger.
      Come on…win the lottery and come on over…we would have so much fun!

  3. what is that creature in your profile picture

  4. Can you not catch them for xmas dinner 🙂

  5. Haha, we have plovers here and they are so noisy when they have their babies, warding people away from their kids!
    Sounds like you are really enjoying your surroundings.

  6. Oh yes, birds can be very protective of their young! I was once attacked by a blue jay when I walked too close to her baby, who I hadn’t even seen. She clawed at my scalp on top of my head but got her talons stuck in my hair because I had my hair pulled back into a tight ponytail! Boy did she get mad! (I looked like a mess after that!) 🙂

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