Posted by: granny1947 | November 22, 2014

Granny and the mayhem continues.

018Hello All.

Yes, Mex and his cold are doing well.
He has put himself to bed for two days now.
He hasn’t had a glass of wine for five days.
Which means he really IS feeling bad.
I have had a little extra wine.
Because I need it.
Sick men are the pits.

He has been sleeping a lot.
And talking in his sleep.
Which has been very frustrating.
Because I can’t make out what he is saying!

Yesterday, we had a two hour power outage.
NOT at the time on their schedule.
Then, just to make life a little more interesting, we had no water either.
Thank you so much to our wonderful government.
ANC…You suck!

The lights came back on but the water only came back this morning.
I am in urgent need of a shower.
Even Jasmine is looking at me sideways.



  1. you do indeed have a rotten government and I think that it will get alot worse, do you have a rota of outages then…I thought that it would be like that in Bulgaria but we are very lucky and only once in a blue moon..
    Ok Mex is making an improvement, that is good but do make sure that you don;t get it as well…couldn’t do having you ill..I would have to come and care for you and at that I am useless…. but I will send you caring love instead xxxxxxxx

    • Hi Patrecia…yes we have a rota but I don’t think some people understand how it works!
      Or their clocks are hours different to mine.
      I think they are blackmailing us with these outages to justify the huge price increases they want.

  2. Glad Mex is on the mend. The pits are hard to live with!
    When we lived in Seychelles outages of power and water were daily occurrences, for at least 4 hours, sometimes twice a day. The sea was our bath! We had to plead with the power company when our polytechnic students had external exams, a) for the fans – the building was put up by the Chinese, who thought that floor to ceiling windows were a good idea, never having lived in the tropics; and b) so that the IT students could use the computers.

    • the sea is too far to go for a bath.
      And, it is full of sharks!

  3. here’s hoping he is better soon, so you can stop trying to understand what he is saying.

    • It’s driving me crazy…I don’t know what I am missing!

      • usually wierdly boring stuff from a fevered brain

  4. Fortunately we haven’t started outages in my area in Joburg. We have scheduled outages for 4,5 hours at the same time everyday when it is implemented. That is much too long. Durban had a 2-hour schedule which I found much more reasonable.
    Don’t worry about Mex (I know sick men are the pits) but he’ll get better in his own sweet time (when he asks for a glass of wine 😉 )

    • I spoke too soon! We went off from 2 to 5 this afternoon, not on the scheduled time. Caught up on some sleep 🙂

      • They don’t appear to be sticking to the schedule though ours went off for two and a half hours as planned…sigh

    • Four and a half hours is crazy and uncalled for.

  5. Wishing Mex well, and you loads of patience. Things in South Africa are going from bad to worse. What an absolute mess-up this ANC government has made of everything they touch. 😦

    • Tell me about it…it is just protecting Zuma to ensure they stay on the gravy train.

  6. Just plain sad that you have to live like that!

    • It is ridiculous…no planning or maintenance.

  7. Hope your world turns right side up again in short order!

  8. Glad to hear Mex is on the mend!!! You should move to Canada 🙂

    • I don’t think Canada would have me!

      • Hell ya we would!!

  9. On the plus side Mex is getting better, but on the minus side having to do without power and water for so long must have been difficult. Hope you’ve managed to get that shower now!

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