Posted by: granny1947 | November 19, 2014

Granny and the follow up

019Hello All.

I didn’t get to the beach this trip.
A big disappointment.
But the whole of the Cape is so beautiful so you will get a few photos.

On Sunday the family and I had breakfast overlooking False Bay.
After breakfast they went off to scatter her ashes in the bay.
I didn’t go.
I had a feeling Marylou might make a plan to get me to join her.
I am not quite ready to go yet.
And I had visions of being eaten by a huge shark.
Her neighbour should be very afraid.
Marylou can get VERY angry.

While they were scattering the ashes I booked my seat online.
Which saved us about half an hour.
Seeing we left at four thirty in the morning this 30 minutes was precious.
However, I forgot something.
When I booked online to go down there they e-mailed me the booking pass.
When I booked online to come back I just printed the boarding pass that came up.
It did not have a barcode.

I got to the airport and stood in a horrendous queue.
Only to find my boarding pass was no good.
So I had to rush over to the airline counter.
Where they couldn’t find my name.
They eventually found me and issued the pass.
Back to the terrible queue.
By the time I got through security there was about five minutes to boarding.
And I was nowhere near the gate.

It is official.
I am too old for running.
And, definitely too old for this sort of stress.
Anyway, eventually got to the correct gate.
Where, thankfully, there were quite a few people still waiting to board.

We landed at seven in the morning and we went straight home to fetch my car.
And I went off to work.
I was so exhausted I slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon.
And was asleep by eight that night.
Old age is not for sissies.



  1. You can say that again. And that last one on the plane panic has happened to me – there were just too many people trying to get through security and only two gates open at the crack of dawn. I wrote and complained to the airport boss, and had a charming letter back, since when more staff have been taken on.

    • Hi Viv…never underestimate the power of the pen.

  2. Wow, what an ordeal! See, that’s why I prefer driving over flying – the car doesn’t require bookings or body searches, it stops when I want it to, and I can get out without plunging 33,000 feet. 😉

  3. Not a schedule you’d want to keep up for long, but glad you got to attend ML’s farewell party and send off.

    • Yes, it was mostly good.

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