Posted by: granny1947 | November 18, 2014

Granny is dumbfounded….for a while

016Hello All.

So, I got back in one piece.
I had my doubts as I flew on the new carrier.
Which is really cheap.
But they were fine.
No free meal.
And R15.00 for a cup of coffee.
But they made up time and seemed to know what they were doing.

The church service was unusual.
I swear the priest had had a couple of toots.
He dropped the incense thingie.
And I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
Marylou would have loved it.

The programme said there was going to be a hymn.
But, after the priest had prayed and people had said a few words, everyone got up to go.
And then there was the sound of music coming from outside the church.
That was too much for me….there is something about the bagpipes.

021That is Marylou’s son…her only child.(not the one in the kilt)
They were very close.
I love him to bits.
SUCH a nice guy.

The church was a beautiful old building.


After the service we all went back to the house for drinks and snacks.
I have no idea why I cannot write UNDERNEATH the photo.

Marylou’s daughter in law had gone to a lot of trouble.
All the women got something personal of Marylou’s.

The next day her neighbour phoned Marylou’s son and said she did not need second hand stuff to remind her of Marylou.
We all got a sample of Guerlain that was in Marylou’s drawer.
The neighbour was insulted to receive anti-wrinkle cream.
I was chuffed.
I KNOW I have wrinkles.

I just felt she was so rude.
If she didn’t want the stuff she could have thrown it away.
It was given with such a good heart.

While we were at breakfast on Sunday she dropped her stuff off at the house.
Oh well it takes all kinds.
Some of them not very nice.
I shall treasure my mementoes.

More of my trip tomorrow.




  1. Wow, just Wow! Somebody(the neighbor) needs a lesson in good manners! I agree with you about the bagpipes, it just sets off the lump in your throat and the tears and shivers up the spine….glad to hear everything went off well…

    • That is what I thought Annie.
      On the other hand she has a terrible life with her husband so I guess one can make allowances.

  2. What a rude and insensitive women! When my best friend died and her daughters asked me if I would like her cookbook collection I was over-the-moon. I have something that I not only use, but that reminds me of her every time I do.

    • I agree Sue…I got some lovely things that I shall treasure..even one of her hankies.

  3. It takes all kinds to make the world and that neighbour is one of the least popular ones. I didn’t know there was a new airline in the country.

    • Hi Pussycat…Safair…incredibly cheap.

  4. Never buy anything on a cheapo airline – that’s how they make their money.

    I hope that horrible neighbour’s ears are red hot.

    • Pity she does not have a computer!

  5. Not good behaviour but it made me laugh especially as she got anti. Wrinkle cream
    Bagpipes do nothing for me except give me headache

    • I must say he played them beautifully.

  6. As my great aunt was wont to say . . . “it takes all kinds.” People like that neighbor make US look better.

    With or without the wrinkle cream!

    • I got her tube of anti-wrinkle so wrinkles watch out!

  7. That was really disrespectful of the neighbour, actually downright nasty and insensitive. On another note, your photo of the sea and clouds is stunning

    • Thanks Dianne…I just love the Cape.

  8. WOW!! I hope Marylou haunts her!!

    • If I know Marylou she is in for a torrid time.

  9. That neighbour needs a lesson in good manners! I thought it was such a lovely gesture on the family’s part. Bagpipes played at a funeral are so very moving.

    • Yes, Ad, it was so uncalled for. She could just have thrown the stuff away.

  10. What is wrong with that neighbor?! Some people have no brains. The church looks beautiful. I can see how devastated Marylou’s son is. My heart goes out to all of you. I HATE loss.

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