Posted by: granny1947 | November 11, 2014

Granny fall apart

024Hello All.

Yesterday, I was at my parent’s place and my Mom happened to mention a dog they used to have.
It started pooping all over the house.
From old age.
Hell, I hope that does not happen to me!
And they had to have it put down.

Last night Jasmine had a little accident, in her sleep.
And I thought the worst.
And dissolved into tears.
And cried most of the way to work.
And then cried in front of my boss when I told him about it.
And again when my younger son phoned me.

What a complete idiot I am.
Can you imagine what a wreck I shall be when Jasmine DOES go.
Anyway, I took her to the vet.
Her anal muscles are just fine.
Though she was very put out when he tested them.
In fact, she is in great shape.
For her age.

He gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine for her.
And did her annual injections.
And said she was a great dog.
Then I got the bill and nearly cried again!

He says the life span for a dog her size is 12 years.
She is nearly twelve.
But I haven’t told her how old she is.
She should be OK for a while still.


  1. I know just how you feel.our dog is 13 with cancer and every night I wonder if its the last time I say goodnight to her, but we all gotta go sooner or later otherwise the world would be filled with very very old wrinkly people

    • Jasmine has no wrinkles or grey hair…am not ready to say goodbye to her.
      Anyway, what is wrong with old wrinkly people? 🙂

    • How awful for you with your dog. Don’t think I could handle it.
      Love you lots.

  2. Awe. Bless you.
    The love of an animal can never be truly put into words. We all know that feeling an animal aka our children/family do to us. We recently lost one of the most playful, hyper-active family member. He was only 6 years old. We think he had a hemorrhage of sorts 😦
    My heart aches with you, and will be thinking about your loved one.
    I hope you are doing well, and keep cuddling your precious fur baby.

    • She gets loads of cuddles…love that damn dog.

  3. I had an Aunt-in-Law (is there such a person?) who had a doggie named Kakkie-Poepie. I wonder why?

    • Hahahaha….My Dad called one of his dogs Poofkins.

  4. Saying good-bye to our beloved pets is harder than saying good-bye to people ~ especially old people who are cranky! And bossy!

    And now I’m going to be bossy (so you won’t miss me when I’m gone):

    Cheer up and enjoy Jasmine while you can. Don’t double your trouble by crying NOW about something that hasn’t happened yet.

    • I KNOW NR…I was so surprised at my reaction.
      Can only think it was the last straw after Marylou.

      • Of course. Often what we’re crying about isn’t really what we’re crying about. Tears clear the stream of consciousness.

        Long may Jasmine live!

  5. Your vet says Jasmine is in great shape, so don’t tell her how old she is and just enjoy her.
    My dog Poppy is 15, she has cataracts and is almost deaf; I treasure each day she is with us. There will be tears-a-plenty when she passes.

  6. I cried a little too when I read your post.
    My two kitties that I have had for 12 years both passed away this year.
    The last one I had to have put down as he had liver failure.
    My heart broke in a million pieces.
    Now Schatzi’s cat is miserable without his mates.
    So we have to get another one, but it is hard!

    • How sad for you.
      My tears were stupid,though.
      Nothing had happened to her yet.

  7. I’m so glad to hear that Jasmine’s accident was truly just an accident. I know what you mean though – just the thought of losing a pet tears me apart too.

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