Posted by: granny1947 | November 6, 2014

Granny and a quick post.

2014_1106housenew0001Hello All.

Yes, a quick post.
Mex will be wanting supper soon.
I took my Stepdad out for lunch today.
I am not hungry.
Thank heavens Mex settled for toasted sandwiches.
He has done all the preparation.
I just have to pop them in the machine.
I love days like this.

I took my Dad to the Ocean Basket.
The above view was from the restaurant.
We first went to a huge shopping mall.
To look for a chess game for him.
I got the directions wrong.
Had visions of him collapsing on me.
Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

He loved the outing.
I think he could sit and watch the sea for hours.
So can I.

2014_1106housenew0002Before I go.
Harping back to the hairy post.
I noticed that my friend, at work, has a large number of long hairs on her chin and upper lip.
I am not going to tell her.
She might be attached to them.
And she is German.
And I am a coward.



  1. What a stunning view. I could watch the sea for hours too. Wish I lived close to the sea

    • I can’t be too far from the sea,,,.I need my ocean fix!

  2. I howled with laughter at the last bit! Maybe you should leave some hair remover in a strategic place for her to see (but only if you try it out first)

    • I wouldn’t dare…not much of a sense of humour.

  3. Do you have a satnav? What a lovely day you’ve had.

    • OK…What is a satnav when it is at home?

  4. That’s a beautiful view! Sounds like a nice day out and a wonderful day for your stepdad.

    • He loves these outings so much Rd that I think he would go every week. If we did Mex would sulk!

  5. Granny you are just a howl! Watch out German women are really butch, most of them anyway.

    • She isn’t butch but she IS dour.

  6. Glad you and your stepdad enjoyed your outing ~ what a great spot.

    • It really is NR.
      That is the same spot we went to last Xmas for our Xmas outing…very good value for money too.

  7. I love your photos, I too, could stay there for hours watching the ocean, it changes constantly and there is always something new to see.
    That German lady may be very attached to her chin fluff and I’d be a coward too; leave well alone is my advice!

    • Mum is the word Barb.

  8. Ah my beautiful place. I have not been there in a year and I miss it!!
    Shame maybe the German’s eyesight is not so good?
    But I wouldn’t tell her either!

    • Not a chance in hell MissChris…I have to work here!

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