Posted by: granny1947 | November 2, 2014

Granny is hairified

017Hello All.

Some time ago I blogged about a solitary chin hair that had made an unwelcome appearance.
I was thrilled to discover that a LOT of women around my age have the same thing.
In about the same place.
And, apart from battling to remove it, I have learned to live with it.
I struggle to get it in the tweezers because it is a light colour(thank God).
But I know it is there.
And it has to go.

Before I go any further I would like to know who invented the magnifying make up mirror.
It had to have been a man.
No sane woman wants to see her flaws that clearly.

Yesterday, I made a fatal mistake.
I tried to get the chin hair while sitting at my desk.
In the sunlight.
Using the magnified side of the mirror.
And I said WTF?
No really, WTF?
Forget the chin hair.
I have a frigging moustache growing.

Fortunately, they are also light hairs.
And not really too noticeable.
As I have aged the hair on my head has gone darker and darker.
Look at the photo above.
And I have never dyed my hair.
I promise.

What if my facial hair decides to do the same?
I will be able to join a circus as a bearded lady.
I am going into the garden to eat worms.


  1. Bit of advise. Only eat the long, thin slimy ones. Leave the short fat hairy ones!

    • Why? Is the hair contagious?

  2. If you catch my profile in a certain light – I have a whole beard 🙂

    • Oh good. Misery loves company!!!

  3. Dear Bearded Lady. There are not many of you about nowadays as circuses are closing at an alarming rate, being overtaken by Politicians in Parliament.Why pay for clowns when they come free via the taxpayer. As for you hairy beard and possible tash …it will suit you, and possibly frighten all the snakes away.
    One other thing ..don’t tell the neighbours…you would be the topic of tittle tattle for months on end.

    • I am not telling anyone except for you guys.
      I know my secret is safe with you!

  4. If you discover a remedy, let me know! I’ve tried creams and tweezes but nothing works on the forest which emerges from my chin.

    • Now that is a big fat help Viv!!!

  5. I know this isn’t funny to you but the way you write it is hysterical!!!! You gave me a really good laugh first thing this morning. I can relate, though, because I just started using a magnifying mirror and my first glimpse into it was bone rattling. These things are not our friends, but rather an unfortunately necessary enemy. It seems like every other day I look into that thing and say, “Now what’s THAT?!”

    • If I look into the magnifying part first thing in the morning, by mistake, I nearly have a heart attack. That can’t possibly be me.

  6. Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Sometimes I don’t like you at all!

  7. Crazily funny! I shave the solitary chin hair right off. It grows out of a small scar under my chin.

    • You are braver than me Pussycat…I would be terrified to put a razor near my face.

  8. HAHAHAHA Oh granny I had such a good giggle….then went and grabbed my own magnified makeup mirror and tweezers. I have a heck of a lot more than 1 darling……and the moustache? Oh yes I got that too….I use a creme bleach on that about once a month. Makes them kind of invisible for a little while….You are so precious Kath. I love you xxx

    • I love you too my darlingxxx

  9. Erm…………….. you only got one?
    I got them on my top lip
    and both sides of my chin
    and on my neck – maybe that’s my previous chin slipping.

    I blame it on menopause and not being allowed to take HRT.

    the worst is when I sit at the office and I can feel one that I have missed.
    I am convinced everyone can see it, which makes me talk to people with my hand on my chin
    They probably think I am nuts
    …………….but then again, mostly I think I am too!!

    Have a great week!

    • Hi MissChris…well, I THOUGHT I only had one…until the weekend.
      The one on my chin is almost invisible but prickly…and…like you…I HAVE to get it.
      If you are nuts then that makes two of us!

  10. it’s been great reading this hilarious post and all the comments, Granny ~ I thought I was the only one! I enlisted a much younger friend to point out when my moustache, beard and sideburns are getting too unruly ~ but I know she’s too embarrassed to mention anything because, when I look in my 10x mirror, especially In direct sunlight, I’m always horrified! 😉

    • Hi Jacqueline…I am never going to use that side of the mirror again.
      Ignorance is bliss!

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