Posted by: granny1947 | October 27, 2014

Granny looks like an idiot

009Hello All.

A quick post as I have a stew going in the pressure cooker.
OK…I know I often say a quick post and it turns into the complete opposite.

Why do I look like an idiot?
It is easy.
The temperature is supposed to be 29 degrees today.
Which is five degrees more than I enjoy.
The wind was supposed to be 60kms.
Which is forty more than I enjoy.
However, THEY got it all wrong.
It felt more like 24 degrees and there wasn’t a breath of wind.
Having said that, I have just received an sms to say big storms and hail in our area.
Don’t know what I am supposed to do about that.
Except panic.
Oh yes, why I looked like an idiot?
Concentrate woman.
I walked Jasmine in boots and jacket.
Dressed for the middle of winter.
If a snake goes for my ankles it is going to be disappointed.
If it goes for my calf it could be in luck.

I took my stepdad out after work today.
We went to a local nursery down the road.
A nursery of plants….not small kids.
God forbid.

He looks good for 91 and he SO enjoys our outings.
So do I.

2014_1027housenew0019And now I AM going to end.
The pressure cooker is yelling at me.
I have to answer.
Before the contents hit the ceiling.

Have a lovely evening.
Or day.
Depending on where you are.



  1. You’ve described why I’m terrified of pressure cookers! We had stew tonight, done in the oven with jacket potatoes and broccoli. NEVER rely on weather forecasters.

    • I don’t Viv…no wind and no hail …so far.

  2. Pressure cookers always terrified me, one exploded in my Mom’s kitchen and we had pea soup on the ceiling…you are brave….your dad is very handsome and looks very well for his age….enjoy your times together…so important to keep on making memories…

    • Good Morning Annie.
      Am not scared of pressure cookers.
      Could change my mind if one did decide to explode.

  3. Calm down mrs you, ll do yourself any injury…just one tiny question..if its going to be 29, isn, t that rather hot for a stew, second thought, is it celcius or faranheight( can, t spell that)….it would be a brave snake that tried taking a lick at your leg but probably wise to wear boots…..

    • Morning P.
      29 is HOT and I THINK it is Fahrenheit but am not sure.
      I can eat stew in any weather.

      • Salad is better

      • But not as satisfying!

      • better for the the waist line

      • As long as my jeans are still comfortable I will go with satisfying.

      • Good reply xxxx

  4. I have yet to see a weather forecast that comes true! We, in JHB, were supposed to have numerous showers yesterday. Not a drop of rain!

    • Morning Pussycat…We had no storms and no hail and no wind.
      I woke up during the night as hot as hell.
      Today looks like it MIGHT rain.

  5. Stepdad is looking amazing granny! Weather was lousy and dull here today after an amazing day yesterday. It is pretty chilly tonight. Heading off to bed now to get warm. Sending love to you. Enjoy the stew. Pressure cookers are amazing things. xx

    • Morning Colleen.
      LOVE my pressure cooker.
      It is dull here but sticky, or maybe that is just me. πŸ™‚

      • You dull and sticky? Never haha πŸ™‚

  6. That’s why I never use pressure cookers – I KNOW I’d get involved doing something else and forget all about it until it blew a hole right through my ceiling. Hope those storms don’t hit you!

    • Morning RD…no storms…yet.
      A bit of rain would be nice but after I get home.
      I still have to pick up dog poop and wet dog poop is euwwwwwwwwww.

  7. You’re step-dad is looking fantastic at the grand age of 91 – what’s his secret? We are having a heatwave this week, it’s still Spring and we are getting warm winds and temps of 32 already; put my a/c on this morning at 6.30, it’s so humid and horrible.
    Don’t blame you wearing the boots, you should get some for Jasmine!

    • Morning Barb…I don’t think Jasmine would agree with you.
      Have discovered the place is also crawling with ticks…eeeek.
      Yes, my stepdad is brilliant…very sharp mind still.

  8. Wow – he looks amazing!!!
    There is a lovely nursery in Walmer on the main drag too – can’t remember what it is called – down the road from the big shopping centre.

    • thanks MissChris..I shall tell him!

  9. Hope you had a fab evening too Granny πŸ™‚

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