Posted by: granny1947 | October 26, 2014

Granny and laundry day.

008Hello All.

Souldipper posted a video on her recent post about the cleaning of the body.
I don’t know how to post a link to her post so you will have to google her.

Apparently, all the cells in our body produce waste.
I did not know this.
I feel slightly dirty.
From the neck down the waste is disposed of through the lymph glands.
The brain does not have lymph glands and has devised it’s own method of disposing of the waste.
It does this while you are sleeping.
When it does not have too much other stuff to do.
Like ensuring you continue to breathe etc.

I must have a squeaky clean brain.
Though, my thoughts are not always that clean.
I sleep a LOT.
Napping is one of my favourite pastimes.
And I am, frequently, asleep by eight thirty in the evening.
Sometimes this means I am awake at one in the morning but I generally, eventually, drop off again.

Right now it is eleven in the morning and I can feel a nap attack coming on.
This could be a self defence mechanism.
After the last week I don’t want to think too much.
The other alternative is to do some housework.
Or bake some cookies.
Nope, a nap sounds good.



  1. Relax when you need to. The house work can be done later!

    • If I wait long enough Mex might do it. 🙂

  2. good to sleep and have a nap..relaxes the brain….I could do with a good sleep now as the clocks have all changed , the dogs are all confused, its snowing as if there is no tomorrow and I am bored stiff……but I can;t do that as in 1 hr we have to go next door (in the deep snow) to have dinner with our neighbours who do not speak English… we do have fun!

    • Oh wow…you will need a nap after the strain of trying to keep a conversation going.
      Rather you than me.

  3. Naps are good. I have two or three little ones per day! It seems like sleeping my life away, but I can’t help it, sleep just overwhelms me.

    • I know just what you mean Viv…I like to lie on my bed and read…a few pages and I am gone. My naps turn into two hour sleeps!

  4. I also love to sleep and nap – only thing that stops the millions of thoughts running around my head. Sorry to read about your Dear Friend, May she rest in peace.

    • Thanks so much Dianne…now you know you are spring cleaning your brain while you sleep. 🙂

  5. I find myself feeling tired more often when I’m faced with extremely stressful situations, so it could be everything you’ve been going through that did it. Definitely nap when you feel the need….but in between naps, I vote for baking cookies over housework!! 😀

    • I agree…sleep is a great escape.

  6. Here’s the link:

    I’m off for a listen.

    • Let me know what you think of it…I was fascinated.

      • It’s no wonder we feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. And it makes me wish I was a better sleeper.

      • And when we have a bad night we feel there was not enough softner put in with the detergent.

    • Oh…and thanks for the link.

      • My pleasure.

        BTW: t’s easy to grab a link ~ just copy the URL line at the top of the page and paste where you want it.

        Hidden links aren’t much harder. If you can insert photos, you can insert links.

      • Ok…I confess…I was just too lazy!

  7. Sleep – it is very healing.xxxx

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