Posted by: granny1947 | October 24, 2014

Granny has an early start

Picture 070Hello All.

I am on my third cup of coffee.
Hopefully, this one will kick start my old brain.
My eldest daughter is on her way to East London by bus.
I haven’t seen her since December.
So, being a Mom and all that I went to the bus terminal at 6:15am.
Just had time for a couple of hugs and kisses and she had to get back on the bus.
I doubt I will going to Cape Town this December so it might be a really long time until I see her again.

I didn’t want to take Jasmine for a walk yesterday.
The wind was howling and there was so much dust from all the building sites.
However, that dog can make me feel SO darn guilty.
She is better than any Jewish mother.
I swear that dog can read my mind.
I just have to THINK a walk and she starts bouncing around.

Nope, the coffee is not helping the grey matter.
I have absolutely nothing interesting to talk about.
The only thing that IS working is my bladder.
Maybe I will talk to you again later.


  1. Smile!!!!

  2. sounds like a bad day Granny ..shall I hop on my broomstick and pop over to sing to you( I don’t know why but people always ask me to stop my singing, silly lot…one day I could be famous and then they would have to pay

    • I would LOVE to hear you sing Patrecia.
      Not having a bad day…just an extra long one!

  3. you did not mention ML…

    • Have not had an update yet…will hear after the morning visiting hour.

  4. My brain needs a kick start this morning too!

    • Watch the video on Souldippers post…so interesting.

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