Posted by: granny1947 | October 23, 2014

Granny is mentally disturbed.


Hello All.

I got a call from ML’s son just now.
Her organs are failing and they are going to put her on a dialysis machine.
There is only a 5% chance that this will help.
If it was up to me I would ask her if she wanted to stay on life support.
I am quite sure she would say no.
Then I would ask she be given a massive dose of morphine and switch everything off.
I care too  much for her to let her suffer like this.
But I am not her son or her husband and I guess I have to respect their wishes.

I mentioned this to another friend this morning.
She said she had better see a lawyer to ban me from visiting her if (God forbid) she was ever terminally ill.
So, she would like to battle it out.
I know ML.
She has had enough.
All I know is I would hate to go through week after week going through living hell.

I don’t think I am afraid of dying.
I don’t THINK so.
If there is no afterlife then there is no problem because you are gone.
If there is an afterlife(and I like to think there is) then there are a lot of people, I love very dearly, to meet me.

Let’s get off the morbid subject of death and dying.
My car came back from the panel beaters while I was in Cape Town.
When I went to get into it yesterday I noticed a big dent near the back light.
The assessor mentioned the dent when he phoned me but I thought he was talking about a tiny dent caused by an erratic trolley driver.
This one definitely happened in the accident.
Anyway, I phoned the assessor and he has arranged for the car to go back to the panel beaters on Monday.
Once again, big kudos to Dial Direct.
They have been more than fantastic.
I don’t know how I never noticed this second dent but I think all my attention was on the BIG dent in the front.
Maybe shock causes selective viewing.

My son phoned me this morning to find out if my back is better.
I told him it was still twinging but was much better and I am no longer crying from the pain.
His reply?
Mom, you are such a girl!
He has only just noticed?????



  1. I think family members would find it difficult to “switch off the machine”. It will be better, while still in possession of all ones faculties, to make your wishes known to many people, including the doctor, and have the Living Will. All you can hope for now that ML either gets better or, slips away quietly.

    • I know Pussycat…so difficult for them.

  2. Aaaah granny I am so so sorry to hear of the deterioration in ML….I continue to pray for all. Hope the car can get sorted out asap. There is a position you can try lie in for relief with your back. Lie comfortably on the edge of your bed facing outwards on your “good” side then let your uppermost leg hang over the edge of the bed foot towards floor but not touching the floor. The weight of your leg acts as a traction and seperates the bones in hip and vertebrae so that any trapped nerves can be released. You can do it a few times a day for about 10min or so at a time. It has helped me and many others so much in the past. xx

    • Thanks so much Colleen….will try that just now…Jasmine will think I have gone nuts.

  3. I am really sorry that ML’s illness has come to this and I agree with you. I know if it was me in that situation I would prefer to cut loose and be done with it.
    But as you say , you are not in the position to make decisions like that but if you are there when I want to pop off please do make sure that you get your own way.
    Actually your post yesterday got me thinking ( not done too often for fear of wearing out brain) so I asked hubby what he would want me to do and he said switch off. Then I asked about me..and he said the same. If there was the slightest chance of survival then rethink the situation but if not flick the switch.
    I am not being insincere here is just my way of facing what has to happen. As you know , I am a great believer, I know there is an afterlife and to be honest death has no fear for me but I do not want to die in pain…

    As for Granny being mentally disturbed…join the club! but I do understand what you are saying and when I saw your post today I thought you were going to tell us that it was the finale….

    Poor yellow car did go through some problems but soon it will all be fixed.
    I am still praying for you and for ML and her family…God will be there to support when the time is right….
    Lots of Love P

    • It seems my post made a lot of people think and this can only be good.
      Mex and I also discussed it.
      He said it would be up to my kids.
      Think he is a bit concerned about falling ill with me around. 🙂

      • I can understand that !

  4. Your son’s comment cracked me up, obviously he has your sense of humor…

    • Hi Annie…he has a good sense of humour…the older son inherited my black humour, which comes out at the worst times.

  5. I’m with you. Without a good chance of RECOVERY, I would rather see what’s behind the curtain.

    • Yes NR, nothing worse than loss of dignity and loads of pain.

  6. I agree with you, Granny. I would never want to suffer like that. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of the idea of a long, torturous end or being kept alive on machines. My heart goes out to ML.

    • Yes RD…she is constantly on my mind.

  7. Sending you lots of hugs – I agree with your sentiments.
    As for your son…………………………. 🙂

    • Hehehe…apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…when they are doing well.

  8. Very sad.

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