Posted by: granny1947 | October 22, 2014

Granny thinks about wills.


Hello All.

Yes, I have been thinking very hard.
So hard it is almost hurting.
I don’t have a will.
Well, I do but I haven’t completed it yet.
I shall do it tomorrow.
I am glad I never got around to completing it.
Because I now want to add something.

I wonder how they decide when to switch off all the plugs?
It must be difficult.
If you are unconscious and completely dependant on machines it is quite simple.
But I look at ML’s situation.
She is horribly aware of what is going on.
So I guess that makes it more difficult to switch everything off.

Can the doctor ask her if she wants to stay on the ventilator?
I am quite convinced if they asked ML  she would signal for them to switch it off.

Now I need to pick one of my kids to pull the plug.
Not my elder daughter.
She is as soft as butter and would never agree.
Elder son would probably be a likely candidate.
He PRETENDS to be hard.
I am not sure about younger son.
Maybe my younger daughter.
She doesn’t talk to me anyway.
She might do it.
The granddaughter I adopted would never do it.
Maybe I must train Jasmine.
One bark for yes and two barks for no.

Talking about dogs,  I met the new puppy next door just now.
A Pitbull.
Not my favourite dogs.
But, right now, it is so cute.

Walking on my beach was wonderful.
Happy dogs.
Happy people.
Happy me.
I was just sorry I only managed to get down there once.
But I took quite a few photos.
You will see them ALL



  1. They ask you when all the organs go into failure, I know this from my brother’s recent death. You can put my name down, I’ll do it for you because I love you so much xxx

    • Oh Cindy…that is so sweet.
      Thank you my friend.
      By the way, you are looking gorgeous.
      I am SO glad things are going well for you.
      Love you girl.

      • Thank you ❤

  2. Kath, Arno and I discussed this years ago and when he was on the machines I put a DNR (Do not resuscitate) on his file. He was adamant that if he was on machines (as he was) he wanted me to pull the plug.

    • Thanks love…will certainly do this.

  3. Get hold of the Living Will Society. Google them. I only have ancient contact details. They let one make a living will that prevents doctors from keeping one alive for nor other reason than being kept alive artificially and them coining it in the process. Only allows them to administer such drugs that would alleviate pain whether those drugs will kill you or not. Well worth it!

    • Thanks Krag…will definitely do that.

  4. That’s such a hard thing for people who love you to do, yet there’s no better choice than someone who cares for you deeply and understands you wouldn’t want to exist that way. Did I miss what put ML in this awful condition?

    • Hi RD…a whole series of events.
      She started with pneumonia and then had to have part of her colon removed from a severe infection and she had a bag put in.
      She got home after the op but came down with another infection and it has been one after another.
      I suspect one of those super bugs you pick up in hospital.

      • That’s just horrible. Hospitals are scarier places to be these days than almost anywhere because of those darned infections. How awful.

  5. Dad had a Living Will that outlined the conditions (e.g., terminal illness with no hope of recovery) under which he did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. He was non-responsive for a week, with a ventilator and other things keeping him alive. If he had recovered, he would have faced prostrate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. PAINFUL.

    My older brother and I reviewed the terms of his living will and decided dad would vote to “pull the plug” and turn off the ventilator under the circumstances. So we asked the hospital to do that. They did. And he died.

    A Living Will is a valuable document to have (along with a Last Will & Testament that divvies up your millions)!

    • Mex has just given me a blank living will form.
      I will be doing it at work tomorrow where I can find a couple of witnesses.
      If I had millions I would be fighting to live forever…just to spend it.

      • I hear ya! We have Living Wills as well.

  6. Oh, now you made me think, too! I have a will, but it needs to be updated now that I have a grand-daughter. I also had a Living Will form but never filled it in. I must ask my doctor if a hospital/ doctor will pay attention to it. Not everyone agrees to end a patient’s life that way.

    • Hi Pussycat….seeing ML suffering like that has opened my eyes.
      Will definitely be filling out the living will form.

  7. We have made our wills but I never thought about switching off. As you say it is important and should be taken into consideration. Pit Bull, even a pup not my idea of good dog
    I like Jasmine type

    • I know Patrecia…they can turn into really vicious dogs, and they have a small child.
      Anyway, right now she is very sweet.

      • They are illegal in the UK. Is it definitely a pitbull? Staffordshire bull terriers are lovely, and they’re allowed!

        I carry a slip of paper (in English and French) in my medical wallet which is always in my handbag, to the effect that I don’t wish to be resuscitated nor kept alive artificially.

  8. Hi viv…they are legal here with dreadful consequences sometimes.
    My neighbour says he will not be making the dog vicious!!!

  9. Wow, so many topics going on…..Living Will is the route you need to look at for the a normal will as well to deal with your assets…Pitbulls are so dangerous….you will have to be careful around that dog once is grows up…they are killers!

    • I know Annie…am very wary of them.

  10. So so sorry to hear that ML has deteriorated granny. My heart goes out to her and her family and to you. It is always a good thing to be faced with mortality. Its a wake up call to do things that we put off. LIving Will is the way to go for not wanting to be resuscitated or kept alive by machines. You can find the info and forms here Love you girl xx

  11. Oh I should have read comments first.. I see others have already mentioned the Living Will and that Mex has given you the form to fill in. We also have them to fill in but haven’t done it yet. Maybe now is also a good time. xx

    • I reckon it will be a good thing Colleen….this has all made me think.

  12. Living will and organ donor. However who to pull the plug? My kids won’t be able to do it nor will Schatzi – maybe my ex?? Now there’s a thought!

    Sending lots of hugs.

    • Hi MissChris…I reckon your ex is your best bet!!!

  13. A thought provoking post, Granny, bringing up difficult issues which do need to be considered, whilst we are still able to choose. My mother had a DNR on her hospital notes but the doctor on duty overruled that, when she contracted pneumonia one weekend ~ making me feel as though I was in an indecent hurry to finish her off, rather than respecting her wishes and the opinion of her consultant. She rallied, with antibiotics, but those last three weeks of her life had no quality and a lot of unnecessary pain for us both. I shall take time to think over all the points you and other commenters have made. Thank you for opening the subject up. 🙂

    • Thank you Jacqueline…I didn’t have time to do anything at work this morning but will be completing everything just now.
      I shall send my son a copy of the living will so he is in the picture.

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