Posted by: granny1947 | October 5, 2014

Granny has a lazy day.


Hello All.

I have just come back from a brisk walk. Jasmine is getting old. At one stage she came to a dead stop.
And took a breather.
Oh Dear.
No snakes today.
Thank God.

I tried to download the picture of the snake again and found my batteries are flat.
This is bad news as I have just recharged them.
Think they have gone to battery heaven.
My E-reader also seems to have done it’s thing.
I don’t use it but I have lent it to my Dad.
He loves it as I can enlarge the writing for him.
Will just have to bite the bullet and get him a new one.
He loves reading.
And I have just downloaded ALL  Jeffrey Archer’s books for him.
Don’t ask me where I got them. If I tell you I will have to kill you.

The Sunday papers are, once again, filled with allegations of our esteemed president’s corruption.
One would think the ANC (the ruling party) would get rid of him.
But he has surrounded himself with yes men.
And they like their purses full.
This country is on a downward spiral.
All because of one man and rampant corruption.
I weep for my beloved country.

Nothing interesting to talk about today.
Except for the dream I had this afternoon.
I was in a big house somewhere.
My elder son and his family were there.
I understand dreaming about them as it is my granddaughter’s 10th birthday today and I spoke to her earlier.
For some reason my late Dad was also there.
And I had FOUR roasts going in this massive stove.
I turned on the cooker hood and everything blew.
The stove, fridge and microwave were all history.
And I was trying to rescue the meat.
Make of it what you can!!!



  1. Poor Jasmine, I remember her running and having fun. That’s how she will always be for me

    • Me too Sidey…me too.

  2. I have dreams like that.

    My camera battery died and they told me it would cost more to replace than the camera was worth, ditto mobile phone (twice). Big business is making idiot milk cows of us.

    • And how Viv…will just have to buy new rechargeable batteries but they cost a fortune…sigh

  3. I agree with you about Zuma, but that is what happens when you get a bit of power.
    Lazy days are good for you but not dreaming of pots, pans and exploding ovens
    Jasmine. Needs an easy life now

    • I know P. I am going to be devastated when she goes.

  4. Annie is also slowing down … tempus keeps doing its fugit thing.
    As for the dream, tak it that you may have to do some entertaining soon and as a warning to have a fast food outlet on standby!

    • And I had a friend for supper last night…nothing blew up!!!

      • As long as the friend was well done and with suitable sauce!

      • You know…when I wrote that I thought of you…was too lazy to go back and change it.

      • Glad I did not disappoint you!

      • 🙂

  5. How old is Jasmine now? I know how hard it is to see them age – somehow it’s easier to see it in ourselves – not pleasant, but somehow easier. That’s an interesting dream….

  6. Oh Granny I think you live in the same world as me. All appliances blown sky high – well that would be a respite for you from cooking etc Take care of Jasmine. She has been with us all for some time now and we would miss her if she didn’t figure in your posts.

    • Don’t worry…Jasmine gets more love and attention than my kids!

  7. Jasmine probably stopped to give you a chance to catch your breath, look for snakes, or both. 😉

    That’s quite a dream, GM. I’d hold off offering to host a family reunion any time soon.

    • Damn…I also thought that NR..Jasmine loves me!

  8. great sadness when a dear companion starts to age.

    • Having said all that…when I take down her lead she is like a bouncing puppy!

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