Posted by: granny1947 | September 25, 2014

Granny has a SMASHING time.

my sick baby

Hello All.
Yes, I have had a smashing time.
And not at the party.

I was on my way to work this morning, and just down the road from our complex, a car sailed out of a side street and into the side of me.
This is NOT how you want to start your day.
I was shaking like a leaf.
And then, like a complete idiot, I couldn’t stop crying!
What the hell?

I have had a great couple of hours.
Talking to the insurance company and arranging for the car to be towed.
They took my baby away just now.
Shame, I felt so sorry for her.

Fortunately, I am covered for car hire for 15 days so I hope they fix the car in that time.
Unfortunately, I have to put down a deposit of R1500.00 for fuel.
But, I will get this back.
Also I have to pay R3250.00 excess but will get that back too.
What I WON’T get back is my bucks back bonus.
Even though the accident was not my fault they say a claim is a claim.
Think I might try to fight that.

The guy who hit me was very sweet.
Took full blame.
Phoned the police.
Was very concerned about me.
As well he should have been.
I told him he was the same age as my daughter and should show more respect for the elderly!

Our complex is the only place above his street.
I guess he was so used to never seeing any cars coming down from the complex that he never even looked to the left.
I bet he does from now on.

Now, my brother is coming to fetch me to pick up the hired car.
So I had better get this published.
I hope you lot have a better day!!!!



  1. Aaaw, I’m sorry 😦

  2. Shame Granny, don’t blame you for being shaken but very glad it wasn’t worse.

    • Thanks Sue…me too!

  3. That is always a bum deal. Glad you are OK.

    • Thanks Newsey…nothing that won’t go away.

  4. Oh dear, what a trauma – but at least you are not injured. Poor car, and what a pain to have to sort it all out.

    • Hi Elaine…I must say my insurance was fantastic. I have the hired car and now just hope they fix my car in the next fifteen days as that is how long I am covered for car hire.

  5. That is one of the ways not to start your day. Glad you are unhurt, except for he tears – but that must be shock

    • Thanks sidey…the tears were really annoying!!!

  6. oh poor Granny,what a thing to happen. Not looking left at a junction because he thought nothing ever came that way is no excuse….
    I am so sorry that you were so upset.I hope that you are feeling better now
    If only I was there is SA to give you a big hug but make do with this ((((()))))xxxx

    • Awww thanks Patrecia…am feeling much better but have a feeling I am going to be sore tomorrow…I felt that hug…love you lots.

  7. Aaaah no man! Hope you are OK and no whiplash etc! The gentleman should be paying or HIS insurance should pay surely granny and not yours?? Check this out before losing your no claim bonus. Lots of love xx

    • Hi Col…it is not my no claim bonus it is my bucks back bonus…still think it is so wrong…oh well!

  8. Oh no!!
    I am with you on the bonus thing with insurance.
    Someone went into the back of me last year.
    My insurance company was very good.
    But the first thing they told me was that I would lose my bonus!!

    • Hi MissChris…yes it seems so unfair but they say a claim is a claim…in every other way they were great…I am very impressed with Dial Direct.

  9. Poor you. I hope your day improves significantly!

    • It didn’t really Viv but will tell you all about that in my next post. 🙂

  10. I’m just glad you weren’t injured, Granny! You’re lucky he was a nice person – and those feminine tears probably worked to your benefit! I hope you get your car back really soon. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks RD…a really horrible feeling…my poor car.

  11. It was shock which made you cry. Glad you’re okay – the rest is just money.

    • yes I know…thank God for credit cards!

  12. I suspect they were tears of relief. Glad you’re OK.

    • Thanks NR…nope they were tears of shock. I am just a big baby sometimes…very embarrassing.

      • It’s your crash . . . you can cry if you want to.

        Yesterday at a luncheon we met a woman who spent 6 weeks in a coma following a single car accident.

        Here’s the kicker . . . she ran over herself!!! An accident. Early in the morning. While hunting for the release of the emergency brake.

  13. Sorry about your collision, glad that you are ok

  14. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this happened to your poor baby, but just happy that you are ok…..just very inconvenient….

  15. As long as you are okay Kathy, thats the main thing xxx

  16. that is such a pain. But lucky you to have a rental car. Hope you had a nice G&T when you got home this afternoon

  17. Oh Granny

  18. Not a great start to your day, Granny, I would have cried too. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted out within the time limit. 🙂

    • Hi Jacqueline…so far so good…think they will make it.

  19. Your poor car! So glad you weren’t injured, Granny, but it must have been an awful shock. *hugs*

    • It was dreadful AD…that crunching sound….eeeeeeeeeeek

      • I know that sound, and the dreadful feeling of the inevitable. 😦 😯

  20. These “little blips in life” get tougher and tougher to absorb, Granny… Important thing? You sustained no injury! At times I can’t believe my feelings over stuff I used to simply blow off. No wonder older people have no qualms about speaking their minds.

    Our Insurance Co does the same thing…a claim is a claim. Ticks me off, too.

    • Hi Love..yes, but in every other aspect they have been FANTASTIC!

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