Posted by: granny1947 | September 21, 2014

Granny gets curious

future green area

future green area

Hello All.
What a peaceful Sunday.
Barring a couple of chores I have done very little.

I read the Sunday papers.
And wished I hadn’t.

I won R200 on the lottery.
Well, it is a start.

I sat on a chair in the sun.
Soaking is up like a Dassie.
And getting some natural vitamin D.

The sun made me sleepy so I had a nap.
More like a full on sleep.
Oh and I read a little of my book.

While I was sitting at my computer a family walked past my window.
But I think they were looking for the show house, three houses up from us.
I didn’t see any other cars so there must be an agent who is bored stiff.
And, we continue to live in a bit of a ghost town.
Which worries Mex but not me.

Actually, if we hear a car or voices we peer through the window.
This is not cool because we don’t have net curtains.
We will get the reputation of being that nosey old couple.

I took Jasmine for a walk just now.
And took a snap of this flower.
There are loads of them in the veld.
I wonder if I should dig up a couple of plants and put them in front of our house?
They, obviously, like the area.
And, being succulents, they won’t need too much care.
I think.

I had just taken the shot when Jasmine peered into a clump of them and froze.
So I froze too.
She froze from curiosity.
Me from fear.
I could picture two beady eyes watching me.
Two beady eyes and a darting tongue.
We headed home.
Quite briskly.

On the downside Mary-Lou has yet ANOTHER infection.
And is in isolation.
Back on a ventilator and being fed on a drip.
and sedated.
I am worried sick about her.

Ah…some folk have just walked into the house next door.
I DO have net curtains in this room.
I can peer.



  1. Oh my of those !
    It would be a good idea to carry a stick .a long one, so you can bang the ground and then wiggly things will wiggle away.they can hear the vibration in the ground
    Please careful
    Glad you had restful day,,even if it was spying on perspective neighbours

    • I have wonderful stick one of the other tenants gave me.
      I bang along happily!

  2. Sundays are for relaxing and you did that beautifully! Nice to see the rubble gone and, yes, pinch some of those flowers, minding the snakes as you do that. You are watching people through the windows as a security measure 😉

    • Of COURSE Pussycat…why didn’t I think of that!!!

  3. Haha! Loved this:

    Actually, if we hear a car or voices we peer through the window.
    This is not cool because we don’t have net curtains.
    We will get the reputation of being that nosey old couple.

    Sorry to hear about Mary-Lou. Hope she feels some improvement soon.

    • Thanks so much Nancy…she is a fighter but she has had weeks of hell now…one thing after another.

  4. Net curtains are so passé. It’s much more fun to see the world clearly.
    Glad you are well armed with a stick!

    • I am not a net curtain fan Viv but “my” room looks onto the alley between us and the next house..a bit too close for comfort.

  5. we’ve just returned from a doggie walk around the neighbourhood and I must say that most have nets up. The ones with none certainly have some funny objects in their houses, and some could do with a good tidy up!

    • Ah….now THAT is a good reason for net curtains!

  6. I think some more net curtains need to be bought! 😉

  7. Planting some of those flowers sounds like a good idea….just make sure no snakes before doing any digging! Sorry to hear about Mary Lou…hope she improves….

    • Thanks Annie.
      Yes, also thought about the dangers of digging. Think I will ask one of the builders to do it for me.

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