Posted by: granny1947 | September 20, 2014

Granny is in awe.


Hello All.
Yes, things are on the go in our quiet neck of the woods today.
We have this massive pile of rubble out the back of our house.
Actually, on the lounge side.
So to me it is the front.
But I guess it IS the back.

This area is destined to be a green area.
And, this morning a huge front end loader arrived.
And five massive trucks.
They are carting it all away.
The dust is unbelievable but that is OK.
It will be great when it is all gone.

I have been watching the driver of the loader in awe.
Boy can he handle that machine.
He reverses at a hell of a rate.
And I have had visions of him taking out our garden wall.
So far so good.

I went onto Hellopeter and complained about my poor internet coverage, this morning.
Within twenty minutes a very helpful gentleman, called Frank, phoned me.
We went through my settings and did a couple of changes.
Things have improved somewhat.
He could not find our place on their coverage map or on Google.
So I went onto Google Earth, found our house and pinned it.
Then I sent him the map with longitude and latitude.
Be impressed people.
Be very impressed!



  1. I am really impressed 🙂 Hellopeter works wonders. Have a super weekend sans snakes 😉

    • Thanks Pussycat…you too.

  2. wow we have a computer wizard in our company…Madam..I bow to you on bended knee!
    That is very clever to be able to do that.I wouldl not know where to start…so for an old’en, you done well!
    If your area is to be green….shhhhhh.(whisper) won’t there be ‘you know what’ on there’….but maybe its better than a pile of rubble where they could hide and not be seen.
    lots of love xxxx

    • Hi Patrecia.
      So much to still learn. Like how do you get that little sign for degrees?
      Yes, I have also thought of the “you know what” but there is a green area a couple of streets below us and I haven’t spotted anything there, YET.
      Of course they might have been green.
      Love you too.

  3. I am impressed. I find google earth a bit befuddling.

  4. Bravo, techno-wizard. Fingers crossed that the solution is at hand.

    • Hi Viv. Well, it is certainly working a lot better now.
      Fingers AND toes crossed.

  5. I am VERY impressed with your finesse with Google Earth.

    • Think it was a complete fluke Nancy.

  6. I AM impressed – VERY impressed! 😀

  7. I am Very Impressed with your skills! Glad to hear that they are moving the rubble, bet the view will be prettier now….

    • Well, it will certainly be less messy!

  8. I am very impressed too!
    Coping with all that dust now, will certainly be worth the outcome.

    • I think we will have to lean to live with the dust for a long time to come. Two more house going up just across the road from us soon.

  9. well done Granny! you will be an IT support person soon

    • I very much doubt it Ruth!!!

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