Posted by: granny1947 | September 19, 2014

Granny’s Friday Freak out


Hello All.
Yes, I am more than a little annoyed.
I am VERY annoyed.
And it is a waste of time annoyance.
I am getting such a weak internet signal that everything is taking forever to download.
Or not at all.
I am just typing this to get it out of my system.
Very much doubt I will able to get WP up.
Much less post a photo.
Telkom you sold me this damn dongle under false impressions.
You should have told me it would only work sometimes.

If it doesn’t work later this afternoon or in the morning I am going to go in there and demand my money back.
As if that will work.
That is really wishful thinking.
And, what do I replace it with?
Maybe all 3G is this bad.
All I DO know is it SUCKS.

THEN…just to aggravate me even more…Norton decided, yesterday, my Bounceout game was a security risk.
And they magicked it away.
Just like that.
Have been playing the game for years with no problem.
I am telling you.
It is a conspiracy.
Paranoia reigns supreme.

I could go and read a book.
But then I shall fall asleep.
And, I have already had a nap.
Or, I could go and watch TV.
Mex has the comedy channel on.
But they will repeat all these shows tomorrow.
F$%#& *&^%# $%*&$@
And, if you can translate that we are soul mates.



  1. Ha ha and welcome to the club. I have telkom line and the same problems and friends on other service providers also have the same. Problem? South Africa is behind on broad band and we suffer overload problems, so we must just bear with it.

    • I am NOT good at bearing with it…I had no problem when I had a landline.

  2. I think get your modem checked out, we had the same problem here and needed a new modem….on the other hand I could almost “translate” your frustrations with a few “choice words” Soulmates? Here’s wishing you a peaceful and frustration-free weekend and no snake encounters with Jasmine!

    • Thanks Annie….especially the snake part.

  3. All part of growing up, I think. I haven’t had any problems with my Telkom land line connection lately. Don’t really know anything about dingle dongles. Sounds sort of rude to me.

    • It is more than rude…it is obscene.

  4. A lady in the North of England used a shiny metal dustbin lid placed near her home because she was not even connected to any supplier,they had not installed it anywhere near her house
    It worked fine and was even better than that of the nearest village.
    So a dustbin lid is all you need

    • I shall look for one tomorrow!

      • Tell me if it could make contact with outer space

      • Who needs to talk to outer space when there are so many weird people down here!

  5. you have my sympathies, a slow internet drives me INSANE. Did Telkom check your coverage strength?

    • They said I had coverage…I think they lied!

      • that is very, very annoying. I will shout for you now GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  6. Oh dear, how very, very annoying. I HATE it when they say something will work, and then it clearly doesn’t.

  7. I totally sympathize we have mtn vodacom and afrihost wireless modems (work and home) and all can be frustratingly slow, especially our mtn at home which is one km away from home. And Afrihost uses an mtn sim card,but cheaper and faster than mtn packages. I think we can all relate to the repeats on the comedy channel too – very frustrating

    • So I was right…they are all pretty much the same…damn.

    • Sorry that was supposed to say home is only 1km away from work. My late night brain is as slow as my internet connection

      • Don’t worry…I knew what you meant. 🙂

  8. I’ve heard that a lot of people have trouble getting a decent and continuous signal with a dongle. You might need to get a land line put in.
    btw, my translation was excellent, we are soul mates!

    • Hi Barb…I want a land line but they are only putting in the optic cable in three or four months time…am missing a phone like crazy…can’t talk to my grandkids or Cape Town friends.

  9. I love your sweary words: completely justified.
    I got rid of Norton years ago for the same problem as yours. It is infuriating rubbish!

    • I have another eleven months to go on the Norton and then it goes!

  10. No difficulty in the translation, Granny, it’s part of my native tongue these days….especially when dealing with computer issues…. 😉

    • The air has been blue around here!

  11. 3G does suck Granny but with that lovely view I bet you’re not annoyed for long. As for the movies, I download what I want to see. Having unlimited adsl is much cheaper as well and I am one of those that can’t complain about Telkom. Maybe they know me too well. 😆

    Otherwise, how are you and Jasmine doing?

    • Hi Sonel…the view is of my beach in Cape Town…not here…sigh.
      I have always had the unlimited adsl but now, with no landline, that is impossible.

      • Now that sucks Granny and that’s a ‘double-suck’ again. Sorry to hear that. 😦

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