Posted by: granny1947 | September 18, 2014

Granny talks dirty!


Hello All.
The promised cold front has hit.
Jasmine and I had a brisk walk.
Dodging the raindrops.
On the upside, the house is nice and cosy.

Lately, I have been waking up at, about eleven, very hot.
Temperature wise.
Not mood.
Which got me thinking about soapies and movies.
Can’t see the connection?
There isn’t one.

Have you noticed how people wake up, in the mornings, on soapies, and get amorous?
This just does not happen in real life.
What about morning breath?
Come on, let’s get real.
Who, on earth, wants to get up close and personal with someone who has not brushed their teeth?

Also, they do the dirty and lie there and say Wow.
Or words to that effect.
And they still have most of their clothes on.
Is this some sort of birth control I know nothing about?
Maybe I am old fashioned but I thought being stark naked was part of the fun.
Old skin and all.

We do the dirty by the light of the TV.
Mex puts it on the music channel.
Which is just as well.
Otherwise I might be tempted to look over his shoulder to see what I am missing.
And, YES, to my younger followers.
Seventy year olds still DO it!



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Granny at her best!! 😀

    • Glad I gave you a laugh!!!

  2. Loved this post!!!!!! Need I say more?????

    • Nope…just love that you loved it!

  3. LOL! Yes I watch some of those steamy love scenes and think “seriously???” I love it when you talk dirty. 🙂

  4. so true Granny. They must sleep with breath mints under their tongues that are linked to some or other time device, activated moments before they wake

    • Hi Ruth…I never thought of that..still…euwwwwwwww

  5. early morning is the best time!

    • After all teeth have been brushed!!!

  6. Sounds like the cold weather is good for your libido and your sense of humour 😉

    • Morning Pussycat….you got the impression my hormones are raging?
      Well I never. 🙂

  7. Good for you duchess…just like smoking I gave that up years ago , and I got my own bed

    • I am not sure I believe you Patrecia.
      I haven’t given up smoking either. 🙂

  8. Excellent, Granny, that’s really good news ~ we’re only 62 and have been wondering when we’re supposed to stop! It’s great to have you back! 🙂

    • Good Morning Jacqueline…I don’t think it stops..might just not be so often!

  9. Granny is wonderful 😀

    • Awwww…you are so sweet.

  10. As Nike says . . . “Just Do It!” 😉

  11. Great Granny and I can confirm that 76 year olds do it too. ):

    • That is so good to hear Judith.
      I remember some 90 year old acress being asked when she lost interest in sex.
      She said she would let them know when it happened!

  12. You make me laugh till my sides hurt….cold weather obviously agrees with you!

    • Morning Barbara…I am so glad…laughter is the best.

  13. Hahaha! And everyone on soapies wakes up looking perfect (well-rested with a sprinkling of natural looking make-up) and their hair perfectly in place. Real life is a different story lol!

    • You are so right…I give MYSELF a fright when I look in the mirror first thing in the mornings.

    • Think I am being stupid but I can’t find a place to comment on your blog????

      • Perhaps I need to change something on my settings? I will have a look.

      • I think I sorted it…seems there is a comment box now. Thank you for pointing it out 🙂

    • teacupbliss I have the Sketch theme too. How weird is it that the theme does not have a prompt on the post to comment? It is sort of driving me to distraction but I love the theme!

  14. Granny the teeth brushing and breath thing is sooooooo important! I am NOT a morning person.. I save my energy for vacations and overnight stays.. 😀 Ha! I have the same theme as teacupbliss SO if you decide to comment, you have to click on the post title!

    • Ok…now I know…but I think I tried that and it didn’t work.

  15. Bwahaha – made me think of that song:
    Birds do it, bees do it
    even educated fleas do it
    Lets do it, lets fall in love (or lust.)

    • And now I won’t be able to get that song out my head!!!

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