Posted by: granny1947 | September 16, 2014

Granny cries and cries


Hello All.
No, I am not crying from sadness.
Or joy.
I have decided there is some plant growing in the complex that I am allergic to.
And this is allergy season.
I am sure all the builders think I am the saddest old lady around.
I walk around, clutching a wad of toilet paper, and wiping the tears off my cheeks.
They probably think Mex is beating me up.
As if he would dare.

I received a lovely letter from my granddaughter today.
Telling me I am the best Granny.
The fact that I am her ONLY Granny probably helps.

I seem to be surrounded by sick people lately.
Our quality manager at work had to have some skin cancer on his face removed.
Then they found out he has a thyroid problem,
My mate at work is also not doing too well.
Fortunately, nothing contagious.

My cousin went into hospital for heart bypass and ended up in ICU with other complications.
I was supposed to go and visit him on Sunday but I lay down for a nap.
A nap that ended in a three hour sleep.
And I missed visiting hour.
And felt very guilty.

AND Mary-Lou is back in ICU with a lung infection.
My poor friend has been through hell and back.
I am so worried about her.
I guess, putting things into perspective, an allergy is a walk in the park.


  1. Oh my goodness, you really are surrounded by people with health issues! I’m glad you’re only dealing with allergies, even as miserable as they can make you feel. Kind of puts things in perspective, right? I’ve been having a similar thing – two friends passing away, another in a deep depression, another who just found out she needs a particular painful surgery every couple of years for the rest of her life, on and on it goes. And now that my back is doing better, a tooth is starting to bother me…..I need some kind of health protection shield! 😉

    • Best health protection shield is healthy eating and positive thinking!!

  2. Get some allergy relief tablets.
    Poor Granny I am so sorry that you are suffering

    • No Patrecia…tears and itchy eyes are nothing…would hate to be in ICU attached to all sorts of nasty things…

      • Yes you are so right xxxx

  3. What can I say? One can’t ‘like’ a post like this! But we are all getting older and some of us are dying from it. Met a new ‘friend’ walking Cindy at the beach week before last. Only 10 years younger than I am. He visited on Monday afternoon, phoned me on Tuesday and did not get up from his bed on Wednesday morning.

    • Oh Dear…so sad Krag…yep…when it is your time it is your time.

  4. I vow to stop feeling sorry for myself now this minute.

    • That is just how I felt Viv.

  5. Oh dear – a trip to the chemist for some antihistamines is on the cards for you I think. You are quite right, though, that sneezing and runny eyes is nothing when compared to what other people are coping with.

    • Yep, Elaine, I shall be visiting the chemist after work today.

  6. Indeed an allergy is a small thing but bugger it can be very debilitating – I get chronic hayfever and sinus this time of the year. I am supposed to go for a cortisone shot but due to other health issues I did not this year. I take Texa allergy tablets – they are a one a day tab and seem to help a lot!!

    • thanks Misschris…do you need a script for them?

      • nope over the counter

      • Ta.

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