Posted by: granny1947 | September 15, 2014

Granny and the start of a new week.


Hello All.
A short post today because I really don’t have much to tell you.
No more talk of snakes.
Well, one little talk.
The foreman has just told me they killed a big Puffadder today.
Sorry Monica.
It wasn’t in the road but in some bushes they were cutting down.

I could talk about Oscar Pistorious but that just makes me mad.
I was with the judge when she said there was no evidence of premeditated murder.
But she lost me when she said he could not have foreseen he would kill someone.
What balderdash.
You shoot a gun FOUR times into a small toilet and don’t think you will kill someone?
There are too many things that don’t add up in his version.
Personally, I think he is as guilty as sin.
And Karma WILL get him.
And I HAVE just talked about him!

I went around to the old folk on the way home from work.
My brother wanted me to cook some porridge for him.
Jeez he is more than capable of cooking a pot of porridge.
Anyway, he now has enough for a couple of days.
Then I took the old man out for lunch.
Or rather, he took me.
I have decided to make this a regular outing.
He loves to get out and enjoys our time together.
Me too.
I feel so desperately sorry for him.

I had such a strange dream last night.
I dreamt that I was sitting at a table somewhere and my Stepmom walked in and sat down with me.
We chatted for a while when I suddenly realised she was dead.
I asked her if I was dead and she said no.
She said she hadn’t actually died.
And I wondered whose funeral I had attended.
Then I wanted to phone my half brother and sister to tell them she was alive but I had wiped their numbers off my phone.
And then I woke up.
What on earth could that mean????

And, once again, I have lied.
This is no longer such a short post.


  1. Pistorious is guilty but money talks. Judge has been paid off by someone
    He is one very lucky person.

    As for snakes .you live in a place where there are snakes.they werethere first so they have priority rights of habitation. You must do your best to avoid them( having been brave and said that ,I do not like them at all. Even worms make me cringe
    You could move house Lil.
    As for your dream ,well that really is weird but then look at who dreamt it!..sure that somewhere there is a logical meaning and explanation

    • It is so nice to have friends who can call you weird and get away with it. 🙂

      • Yes that is so true, and dont I always speak the truth xxxx

      • Love you lots.

  2. Pistorius’ fame and family money did all the talking while justice ran out the door. At least they found him guilty of something. I would’ve passed out otherwise… and the drum of blind justice/corrupt justice beats on.

    • His sentence on the culpable homicide is going to be very interesting…slap on the wrist?

      • We shall see. They might wait till we stop paying close attention and all the ruffled feathers have quieted down, and then escort him out in a Limo to some fancy white collar jail or home to high five his homies. Oh, I promised not to go there. See, you know the buttons to push 😆

  3. Oh and that dream…. hysterical. Thank God she confirmed you are still in the land of the living. Haha! 🙂

  4. I’m also spitting mad about the Oscar verdict, and now there’s talk of him writing a book. So insensitive to Reeva’s parents, that he should even think of making money out of his crime! What a strange dream you had. I never can fathom what mine might mean. Perhaps it’s just as well. 😉

    • Good grief I hadn’t heard about the book…his depravity knows no bounds!

    • A book? Time to demonstrate! The only book that should be mentioned is the legal one thrown at his head. Okay, my feathers are getting seriously ruffled. Time out! 😦

  5. Oscar’s verdict has me mighty mad, and he had better find himself behind bars for this awful, awful crime. Poor Reeva, she didn’t deserve to die this way

    • I don’t even want to talk about the bastard.

  6. So with you on the Oscar verdict. He was smug and arrogant before, now he will be a thousand times worse. Untouchable. As for the snake, I would rather have a dead snake than a dead child or pet. I eat meat chicken and fish so to be all holier than thou about killing a snake would just be hypocritical 🙂

    • I feel sort of bad about killing snakes but that just scare the hell out of me.

  7. Your posts just make me smile……

  8. Glad you had a nice lunch with the old man. And that you are still alive. And that the puff adder is dead.

    As for wiping your phone of contact number for extended family . . . let’s just say it makes perfect sense to me.

    • Hmmmmmmm…you have a point.

  9. good morning, okay all forgiven about the snake, there seems to be a lot of them around. They will move off with all the people around. About Oscar, I cannot believe that, but I heard a legal eagle saying, that homicide is a very serious crime, so lets wait and see. Will be very angry if he does not even see the inside of a cell!

    • Oh me too Moncia, me too….if he just gets a slap on the wrist I shall be furious.

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