Posted by: granny1947 | September 14, 2014

Granny’s Sunday Safari

Hello All.

I have just come back from taking Jasmine for a walk.
These walks are becoming quite stressful.
Nothing like my beach walks.
The roads are strewn with dead sticks and dry grass.
All of which look like snakes in disguise.
And, I have another problem.
As soon as we start walking my eyes begin streaming.
Which makes snake spotting just that little bit more difficult.

I have started taking my camera with me.
Thinking I might see a snake and take a picture for you lot.
But, who am I kidding.
If I saw a snake I would be hot footing it down the road.
Screaming like a girl.
With my camera banging on my boobs.

Today, however, I saw this guy.
Quite impressive.
Sorry it is a bit blurred but it is not easy taking a shot with Jasmine tugging at the lead.

I also came across these flowers nestling amongst the long grass.
I think I shall see quite bit flora and fauna.
Just not too much wild life please.
I really don’t want to put my elderly heart and smokers lungs to the test.

Then there is this guy.
I am not a Rottweiler fan but I feel sorry for this lad.
I think they have removed his bark.
Something I find very cruel.



  1. I don’t think a snake would lay there waiting for you to come alongaybe they would be sunbathing and would not be happy if you disturbed them. Walking in grass will never be the same as the beach but why did you not move back there when you were going to buy house.
    If dogs bark has been stopped that is very cruel,dogs are meant to bark as people are meant to speak

    • Houses in Cape Town are VERY expensive and mex likes Port Elizabeth…also, I guess I need to be near my folks to help.

  2. Have you not found a heavy stick yet, to protect you against the snakes?

    • Yes, one of the other tenants gave me a lovely one.
      Can’t see myself coming close enough to a snake to attack it!

  3. Is it usual to see a heron so close to habitation? Good luck in avoiding snakes.

    • We quite often see them.
      Lovely birds.

  4. Herons eat snakes. And small rodents. Don’t let Jasmine chase him away.

    I’m with you on debarking dogs or declawing cats. Just don’t!

    • Oh Good….wonder if I can breed Heron’s in my back garden?

  5. Sounds like you’re settling in nicely! I’m quite far behind in my blog reading and posting, but I’ll try to catch up this week.

    • I know the feeling…I did a bit of catching up this weekend but I didn’t get to everyone…my 3g is SO slow.

  6. Great picture of the heron, but what was he doing near a road?
    I don’t know why people still debark dogs, it’s so cruel, as is declawing cats.

    • the road is in the complex…no-0ne living around there…the complex is massive.

  7. There is something so elegant yet gangly about the Heron. we see a few down at Tokai forest, we can’t but help stop and watch them. Lovely pic

    • thanks Ruth…I hope to see a lot more of them.
      I believe there were some small buck in the complex but haven’t spotted any yet.

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