Posted by: granny1947 | September 10, 2014

Granny says “oh crap”

Hello All.
A quick post as I am doing this in my tea break at work.
I had just walked in from work, yesterday, when there was a knock on the door.
It was my friend the plumber.
He said he had just come to warn me to be careful while walking Jasmine.
He then produced a stick with one of the above dangling from it.
It was dead.
But I still gave a little shriek.
And said FLUCK.

I still took Jasmine for a walk.
Because I am brave.
Yeah right!
But we stuck to areas where there were people within shouting range.
And me pulling her away from any long grass.
And it was quite a short walk.
Much to her disgust.

I am going to have to invest in some gumboots.
Or better still, those fishermen boots that go way up.
I wonder if I can find some to fit Jasmine?



  1. Holey moley! Gumboots will be a good idea.

    • Gumboots or one of those spacemen suits!

  2. I like the idea of you and Jasmine in matching boots! 🙂

  3. Boots good, snakes Ooooh!

  4. Yes, gumboots and still distance except when there is the surprise.!

    • Yes Newsey….you don’t want to surprise a Puffadder.
      Come to think of it…I don’t want one to surprise me either!

  5. Why was the snake killed Granny? what type of snake… and they are far more scared of you and jasmine, so don’t worry. Your greeny friend 😉

    • I know they are more scared of me…or so people say….I am terrified of them so I really doubt that.

    • I know Monica…Mary-Lou is always telling me how snakes are much more scared of us…they just scare the hell out of me.

  6. That is just plain scary…..

    • Yep. I am surprised I didn’t have nightmares last night.
      Have to go out for a walk in a moment…brrrrr

  7. I would have said more than fluck. I would have hit him for showing me that!! Yo!!!!

    • I think he loves the reaction he gets from me!

  8. Look on the internet you can find all kinds of things but steer clear of those big worms

    • Now…worms don’t worry me a bit!!!

  9. Please say that’s not a black mamba.
    That would be bad.

    Good luck finding gumshoes.

    • Nope it is a Rinkals…also a nasty piece of work.

      • I just did a quick google. ACK!

        Definitely get some hip boots for you and Jasmine.

      • think I will just have to stick to ordinary boots..sigh

  10. Ooh that is scary ~ you are braver than me

    • I promise I am not brave. I go out there with eyes out on stalks and ears flapping.

  11. Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I say no more walks, sorry Jasmine.

    • I don’t think she will understand…dumb dog!

  12. It’s not easy to stay in shape, is it, Granny?

    • And it gets harder and harder!

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