Posted by: granny1947 | September 6, 2014

Granny and a sunny Saturday

crate before

crate before

crate after

crate after

Hello All.
And we are making progress.
It is only half past eight in the morning and Mex has been busy.
He has hung my paintings.
One is a bit too low but I am keeping quiet.
I only LOOK stupid.
It feels more like home now.
He is busy putting up the bathroom cabinet.
He has put a final coat of varnish on the chest/crate.


We were reading the guarantee for the TV.
You have to keep the original box.
It is huge.
Where am I supposed to keep it with no garage.
If it ever has to go back I will have a huge fight with them.
Keeping a box for five years is just ridiculous.

I am not enjoying this dongle thingie for the internet.
It is slow.
And every now and again it loses it’s signal.
Guess I will have to go and fight with Telkom.
Sigh…that is usually a losing battle.

Talking about being stupid.
When I was trying to pay for the furniture the lady said she would help me with an EFT.
Said I must give her my bank account number and my password.
She got quite shirty when I said nooooooooo.
I must really sound like a senile old woman.
Not even Mex knows my banking password.
And I am quite capable of doing my own damn electronic transfer.

Now, Mex has gone for a walk to the shops to get some rolls.
Hamburgers for supper.
I need to do some fun stuff.
Like cleaning the toilet.
Jasmine has made two huge poops in the back garden.
But I am not picking that up until they have dried out a bit.
Let me see if I can connect to the internet and publish this post.
Hold thumbs.



  1. Having fun, are you?

    • Morning Krag.
      Believe it or not I am loving every minute of it.

  2. The crate looks very good. Now to put a piano hinge on it (are you listening Mex?) and it’ll do for storage.
    I also have Internet with a dongle and I find that it can be slow on weekends. Sometimes it is necessary to use the reset button on the dongle to get it going again. Have a good weekend, G.

    • I have a reset button????

      • I don’t know what make of dongle you have. Mine’s a Huawei from Afrihost. One of the buttons, that doesn’t light up is the reset button.

      • Mine does not have any buttons…it is a D.Link from Telkom and it is USELESS!!!

  3. Crate does look impressive and I think adding a hinge will make it very workable…..

    • Morning Annie…yes, I reckon a nice hinge will just finish it off.

  4. I am a recent follower/reader of your blog. Love your wit and writing style. How scary was that asking for you bank password. Wonder how many people give over sensitive information like that. Your home looks lovely

    • Hello Dianne.
      thank you so much for those kind words.
      I shall pop over to your blog when the internet speed picks up.
      At the moment it is on dead slow!

  5. Great work on the crate, Mex. And I agree about the hinge. Being very short, I like pictures hung so that the focal point is on a level with my eyes – that probably doesn’t work if your husband is six feet three!

    • Morning Viv. Mex is certainly not over six foot but I just feel the one is a bit low…I haven’t posted a pic of that one yet.

  6. The crate looks excellent – I’m glad you showed the ‘before’ picture, because I might not have believed it otherwise. 🙂

    • Hi Elaine…I think so too….we desperately need the extra storage space.
      Such a pity they want a fortune to add on a single garage.

      • A few more boxes like that, varnished with weatherproof varnish, and who needs a single garage? 🙂

  7. A vivid description of Jasmine poop..imagine that ×6.sometimes I do the collecting but usually it is Nev…I, m not daft either.
    Not sure how you can keep such a big box,, flatten it and put it under sofa or carpet .
    those dongles are a pain, we had one for about 4 years until our village rwached 21st century and we got wifi. I did hear of a lady in Scotland who used a shiny new metal dustbin lid and got excellent signal, but no proof!
    When more people move in Telcom will have to do something.
    what a stupid lady asking for details like that, glad you told her whatfor.
    The chest looks fantastic, Mex has done a good job. Wish him Happy Birthday from me.
    love to both xxx and Jasmine xxxx

    • Thanks Patrecia.
      I wonder where she put the dustbin lid???
      Don’t have a sofa and Mex won’t buy any rugs until Jasmine is no more….such a hair shedding pooch.

  8. You are rocking the house! Love the crate. What a fun storage solution.

    If you want to keep the TV box for a bit ~ flatten it and store it behind your clothes in the closet.

    • The darn thing would never fit in one of the cupboards, flattened or not.
      It will have to go.

  9. Nice to see you settling in and sounding happy!

    • Thanks Barbara…am loving every minute of it…well…almost every minute.

  10. It’s great knowing you have your own home, Granny. Just feels g-o-o-d! I know… imagine how you feel about it!

    • Over the moon Souldipper…over the moon.

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