Posted by: granny1947 | September 4, 2014

Granyy and three day in a row!!!!!


Hello All.
Gosh it is good to be back.
Not that I have the faintest idea what I am going to talk about.
But that has never stopped me before.
This afternoon we went shopping for a lamp.
And didn’t buy one.
Mex will probably take another week to decide which one he likes the best.
And he wonders why I don’t look very enthusiastic.

He did, however, decide on two wing back chairs.
He picked out the ones he liked and then we came home and I ordered them online.
Because there was a ten percent discount that way.
Hopefully, we will get them next week sometime.

We have a large pine crate that I got from work about eight years ago.
I got it, initially, to store the kid’s toys in.
And I have carted the thing through all out moves.
He was going to get rid of it now but I convinced him to varnish it and make a sort of unusual feature out of it.
He liked the idea and started on it this afternoon.
I think it is going to look nice.
Strange but nice.
We don’t have a garage or a shed yet so we really need a place to store his tool box and extension cords etc.
And I think it will look nice with a lamp or something on it.
I have taken a picture of it and will take another when he has finished and you can tell me what you think.

He still has to hang my paintings and his mirrors and clocks.
I would have done it right away but he likes to think things through.
Sometimes he thinks too much.
It drives me insane.
He assembled the TV stand this morning and it looks very nice.
We are getting there.

Going to work in the mornings is becoming more pleasant.
It is getting a lot lighter and I drive into some glorious sun rises.
In the evening we see some incredible sunsets from the kitchen window.
Hmmmm…must take a picture this evening.
When they build more houses we might not see so much so I will enjoy it while I can.
At present we are the only people in a row of eight houses.
We feel quite isolated.
There are a lot of occupied houses lower down but not where we are.
A policeman and his wife and child are moving in next door at the end of the month.
I hope they are nice.
A Chinese family are moving in two houses up from us soon.
I must make friends with them.
I like Chinese food.

Mex is flying up to visit his kids on the 24th of September.
They are flying him up to celebrate his 70th birthday which is on the 30th.
He is coming back the day before his birthday so we will celebrate that together.
So, Jasmine and I will be alone for five days.
Except for the snakes.


  1. Happy Birthday to Mex in advance! This is the fun side of moving buying new furniture..and finding homes for all your stuff….and I envy you watching those glorious African sunrises…one of the things I miss the most….

    • Hi Annie.
      I didn’t know you were from this part of the world.
      where did you live?

      • Grew up in Camps Bay, Cape Town and lived in Port Elizabeth and Jhb before leaving for USA…

      • Oh my word…don’t you miss Cape Town? I certainly do!!!

  2. You have made huge progress already. I thought you’d be unpacking boxes for months. Happy birthday to Mex.

    • Hi Viv…the boxes had to be unpacked in a hurry ….nowhere to store them.

  3. Some good ideas, there.
    Do make friends with the snakes!

    • Hi Col…I shall not be inviting them in for tea!

  4. You’re making some great progress there! Sounds like it’s all coming together nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing the sunrise/sunset pics, you always take such beauties.

    • Morning RD…I took a pic with my cellphone on the way to work but will have to wait until I get home to download it.

  5. Great having you back,
    big smile on my face when I go online and see your name 😉
    Have a good day

    • Awwww…that is so nice…love you to the sky and back.

  6. Oh…so glad you are back!! I look forward to the pics!!!

    • Hi Donna…it is good to be back!!
      Wanted to get a sunrise pic this morning but the sun beat me up!

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