Posted by: granny1947 | September 3, 2014

Granny says darn it…or words to that effect


Hello All.
I am never moving again.
My back is killing me.
First the move and carrying heavy stuff in and out of the car.
Then the unpacking.
And repacking.
And repacking.
And cleaning the flat.
Oh yes, the maid who let me down, phoned me yesterday and said she would come this Saturday!!!!
I wasn’t rude.
But if she could have read my thoughts…..

Then there has been all the standing around.
Waiting for the cable TV to be sorted.
Waiting for my internet to be sorted.
Shopping for a TV cabinet.
And a bathroom cupboard.
And lounge furniture.
And a second TV.
Yes, Mex bought a second TV.
After four days he decided he wanted a bigger one for the lounge.
So there was the schlep of taking the smaller one back.
Waiting around while they tested it to see we hadn’t broken the damn thing.
Then loading the big one.
Which wouldn’t fit on anything, hence the TV cabinet.
We picked that up today.
Mex will have to assemble it tonight.

We still don’t have any lounge furniture but I think we are getting that tomorrow.
I hope so.
Sitting on dining room chairs is not too comfortable after a while.
Despite the way it sounds I am not really complaining.
OK I am but not in a bad way.
I am very happy, just very exhausted.

We are both sleeping much better.
I think it is the tension starting to release.
I hadn’t realised just how much the old folks and my brother had stressed me out.
I went to see them on the way from home from work yesterday and could feel my shoulders tensing up.
I didn’t go today but will pop in again tomorrow.
My brother wants me to type up a lease for his tenant in Johannesburg.
They have my old computer and he is quite capable of doing it himself but says he will wait for me!

Now I am off to take Jasmine for a walk.
She has got used to her daily walk and is agitating for me to go.
Hopefully, we won’t meet any snakes.
I need to find a heavy stick.
Someone said I should bang the stick on the ground while I walk to warn snakes of my approach.
I am not so sure I WANT to give them time to prepare to bite me.



  1. Moving is exhausting. Especially when you don’t have comfy furniture in the lounge to relax upon.

    Maybe a tazer for the snakes? 😛

    • Hi NR…I can’t see myself coming close enough to a snake to tazer it!!!

  2. Nothing like taking a dog for a walk!

  3. Would a snake DARE to bite you
    It would be a very brave specimen to even try.
    I think I would agree that moving house is so stressful. Even a doc would tell you that.
    Maybe your back will ache less once you have a comfortable chair to relax in.
    Count your blessings and you have more now than you did a few months ago.
    Take care xxx

  4. When it’s all sorted/unpacked/bought/arranged, you will be MUCH happier.

  5. you are almost there, just a few more days and life will be tranquil once more 🙂

  6. It’s almost a year ago since my move to the Village and even today I had a shelf put in the kitchen and mini wash-line put up in my shower in the cottage. Slowly does it.
    Alles sal regkom.

    • Yes, Pussycat…we might have to end up putting another shelf in the kitchen too. We also need a washline…at the moment we are using two clothes horses and they work well.

  7. Hope you found a heavy stick and the snakes took notice of it!

    • No heavy stick yet…just keeping my eyes out on stalks as I walk.

  8. Sticks, bells, whistles! Take a little of everything!

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