Posted by: granny1947 | September 2, 2014

Granny and the good,the bad and the really ugly


Hello All.
I am typing this at home and will take it into work tomorrow on a memory stick.
Because I don’t have a telephone and internet!!!!
I was devastated to find that Telkom have not connected up this complex.
Apparently they are waiting for the road to the new mall up the road to be completed.
This is supposed to be in November but I have my doubts.
In the meantime I have applied for a goodie to connect without a landline.
Am waiting for this to arrive.
Probably this week.

As you can gather we are in our new home.
And I love it.
But my back is completely buggered.
We were supposed to move in on Friday but the movers phoned and said they could fit us in on Wednesday.
I rushed home from work and Mex and I started carting car loads of stuff we didn’t want to go on the truck.
The builders had prepared the ground around the house but the grass had not been planted.
And the wind was howling.
And we ate copious amounts of sand.
It was good that we moved early as it poured with rain on Thursday and Friday.
I had arranged for a maid to come in and clean the flat for the new tenant.
At a quarter to nine I phoned the maid and she said she wasn’t coming!!!
SO…Mex and I got stuck in and washed floors and windows etc.
I was NOT amused.

I arranged for an installer to come and put in cable TV on Friday.
So Mex can watch his sport.
He has gone to the shops and I turned the TV off to answer his phone.
Now there is no sound.
Have no idea what I have done.
He is not going to be happy with me.
I am OK…I have connected up my computer and I have music playing.
I am overjoyed with my own little room.
I have my computer in here.
And my photos.
And some of my books.
I also have the linen and other junk we couldn’t find room for but that is all good.
It is MY spot and it feels so good.

Jasmine has been a little darling.
She was very stressed with the move but has settled now.
The builders only put up the side gate on Friday so for two days I had to take her out on her lead to widdle.
Not fun at five thirty in the morning in the dark and cold.
I have her bed in my room and she lies there with one eye on me at all times.
Just in case I move without her.

I could carry on chatting to you for ages but I don’t want to bore you to death.
I think I might just have my blogging mojo back.
I feel HAPPY and that makes such a difference.
I am still trying to shake off two weeks of flu and bronchitis but even that can’t get me down at the moment.
Now let me try to save this to my memory stick.
It feels good to back even if there are no photos.

I am connected to the internet but it is very expensive.
Will have to limit myself…sigh.


  1. Back to life, freedom and above all happy again.
    Well done. I am so pleased for you. It is always stressful when you move house so I expect some of your pain may be stress related. However your very own home to do as u please,whenever,however
    .so happy for you and Mex and without doubt Jasmine xxx

    • Awwww…thanks P… good to feel good again!

  2. I’m very happy for you, and glad you can stay connected – when we moved last August we were without telephone and internet for three weeks, for two of which I was in hospital, so I understand your panic stations!

    • Hi Viv…yes..just have to judge how much time I spend online…it will be fine.

  3. Enjoy your new home and I wish you much happiness,

    • Thanks Sue….it is so good to be back.

  4. I smiled all the way through this, Kathy. Especially when you got to Jasmine keeping one eye on you to make sure you didn’t move without her.

    Enjoy your new digs!!!

    • Thanks NR…feel SO much better…you have no idea…keep walking around saying “wow”!!!

  5. It’s so great to have you back, Granny! I’m so happy that you’re finally *home* and feeling so much better with your found-again freedom. 🙂 It certainly does make a difference! All the best in your new home!

    • Thanks so much RD…I feel great.

  6. Your own place, bliss. I bet you feel like running around like a looney, screaming with glee 🙂

    • You are right Ruth….it feels abnormal to be normal again!!

  7. Hooray! You are in your new house! You must be very very excited/happy. 🙂

    • You have NO idea….I feel so great.

  8. Welcome Home! So happy for both of you, your happiness oozes out through your words…I imagine you doing the Happy Dance throughout your new home…..wishing you much happiness and making incredible memories together there…

    • Hi Annie…have been too exhausted to do any dancing but mentally I am dancing like crazy.

  9. Moving house is very stressful, but, oh, boy…..the joy and happiness that follows makes it all worthwhile.

    • It sure does Pussycat…a good rest this weekend and I will back to abnormal.

  10. welcome back Granny, missed you! Your house looks lovely and what a pleasure to have your own space… so important. Love you and enjoy it

    • Hi Monica…thanks love and I love you too!

  11. xxx love you lots so happy for you xx will give you a call on your mobile then

    • Hi My love…yes…pse give me call sometime. Love you too…give the family a big kiss and hug from me.

  12. So happy for you, granny. There’s no place like your own place. 🙂 xx *hugs*

    • thanks so much AD…it feels so good.

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