Posted by: granny1947 | July 31, 2014

Granny is a Cheshire cat.


Hello All.
Yes, I am a happy Granny today.
I went to the house and couldn’t believe my eyes.
The built-in cupboards in the bedroom are in place.
The kitchen cupboards and counter and sink are IN.
The electricians were there putting in plugs and switches etc.
Two more coats of paint and the painting is done.
They are tiling the floors on Monday.
I reckon when they gave us the 29th as the date they were being conservative.
I think they will be finished in the next TWO weeks.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
It is good to be excited again.
Of course, there is still the garden wall to be put up.
But surely that can’t take too long.
And they have to plant grass.
But the garden is small.
Nope….I am going to stay positive.


I took my Stepdad out for coffee yesterday.
We went to a place right on the beach.
He loved it.
And we had a good talk.
Not that anything is going to change.
My Mom and I are never going to see eye to eye.
It was a stunning day.
Hot and not a breath of wind.
It was good.




  1. Ooo your place is looking GREAT!! I’m so excited for you! Sounds like a nice outing with your stepdad. Talks don’t always bring about change, but sometimes it’s just good to get things out there.

    • Yes RD…if nothing else…we strengthened our bond.

  2. WOW – that is beautiful my friend! XOXO – Bacon

    • It is tiny Piglove but I think it will be great.

      • Anything near or on the beach is paradise regardless of size so says my mommy 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

      • Unfortunately we won’t be near to the beach….we have to stay fairly near to the old people.

      • Snorts – Still it will be FUN! Just save me a soft pillow in a corner when I come over okay my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  3. So exciting for you! I hope you will be very happy in your new home xx

    • Thanks Sue…I am sure I will be.

  4. The house is really coming along nicely….looking forward to seeing the finished product..

  5. now that is good news, no wonder you are grinning like a cheshire cat. the pics of the house look great and soon it will be time to do all the lovcely shopping…..
    poor stepdad , he has a hard life …you can walk away but he cannot be easy
    carry on being optimistic

    • Yes, Patrecia, he is a very special person.

  6. this is so exciting for you

    • I know Sidey…I feel like a kid.

  7. Yay! We’ve never had a house built for us ~ but I expect the excitement must build and build and build until you can’t hold it in any longer . . .

    And then . . . BIG GRIN!!! Anticipation at its finest.

    BTW: You called me a “baby” the other day b/c you saw the comment about my 37-year-old body. I was talking about the body I HAD at 37 (almost 20 years ago) ~ that ship has sailed. 😎

    • Sigh NR…mine too…everything sagging and drooping!

  8. WOW that is looking fantastic granny. You are hopefully packing up darling! Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Still miss you a lot. Lots of love xx

    • Miss you too Colleen. Mex is busy with the packing so far…I am not that organised!

  9. At last….your own space!

    • That sounds like a bit of heaven Pussycat.

  10. The house is speeding along, no wonder you are grinning like a Cheshire cat – you will be moving in before you know it!

    • Hi Barbs…I didn’t go today and there is now a front door so we can’t get in to look…will just have to contain myself until next week.

  11. How exciting!

  12. Delighted to see that your dream is fast becoming reality Granny. I have not blogged much this year at all so not entirely up to date but this sure looks like progress 🙂

    • Hi Optie…lack of blogging seems to be the norm this year…lots of us haven’t been our normal chatty selves.

  13. Three cheers from a big rock in Canada!! I loved the image of your step dad and you having a good chat. Grand for both of you. Love your wee hoose, l’il moose! Well deserved.

  14. mmmm I think I must come visit next time I am in PE!!! Your new house is looking awesome!

    • I will hold you to that Misschris!!!

  15. So happy for you! Everything comes to him who waits…….eventually. Hugs to you. xx 🙂

  16. So happy for you that your dream is coming to reality, at last, Granny ~ mine has too over the last couple of weeks and it makes such a difference to have something to get excited about again! 🙂

    • Isn’t it great Jacqueline???

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