Posted by: granny1947 | July 29, 2014

Granny’s troublesome Tuesday.


Hello All.
Not much to report on the house front.
Except that I spoke to the painter.
He has promised to do our place tomorrow.
As soon as he has finished, the electrician can finish.
The electrician, being the guy, who told me about the snakes.
Nice chap.

I took Jasmine for a nice long walk around the place.
We never saw a snake.
But I am sure some saw us.
I had a feeling I was being watched.
I must see if I can find a picture that shows just how big the complex is.

Things are really falling apart with my mother.
She has gone nuts spending money.
Is stockpiling food in her bedroom.
Most of which she will never use.
She has also bought an electric pressure cooker.
At four times the price of an ordinary one.
A griller.
A bookcase.
A chest deepfreezer(even though they have a huge upright one)
Bags of plastic containers.
I can’t bear it.
I feel so, so sorry for my Stepdad.

I am not going to be going in from Friday.
If I stick around I will say something I might regret.
Have realised that stress is no good at my age.
Who know which part of my body will explode or leak next.



  1. It seems mother dearest has flipped her lid, and not just the pressure cooker one.

  2. oh poor you! You have put up with more than enough since moving into your present room. I wonder just how much is one expected to take.
    Have you asked the other residents about snakes..the electrician could have been just telling porkies…..
    Maybe your Mother is under a lot of strain, and maybe she needs to visit the doctor…..
    Keep your chin up ducky, you are made of strong stuff…lots of love BG

  3. Do you think your mom might be reacting to your moving out? Or maybe there’s a chemical imbalance and she’s going through something of a manic-type phase? Would she consent to a little medical attention? It’s always scary when there’s a radical change like that, especially when older people who can’t earn additional money start spending down what they have in needless ways. My elderly aunt had done something similar – she bought from QVC constantly like she had extra money to burn on needless things, which she didn’t….not even a little bit. I finally have her finances and have her on a workable budget, but with her the problem was loneliness. QVC offered her some “company” when she’d call (they’re very cunning like that). Now that I have her in a wonderful assisted living home near me, she’s got lots of companions and no longer needs to call money-stealers like home shopping companies. I hope things calm down for you.

  4. Can you wrestle the credit cards and check book away from your mother until her manic spending tendencies die down again?

    If not, could you encourage her to shop for YOUR new place? 😛

  5. Granny, you know the old story about who you can change…especially when the age and stage are well seasoned. Whether mom or step-dad. Thank the powers that be that you’ve made the very healthy decision to have your own home.

    Health services are likely quite different in our two countries, but regardless…the more help older folks need, the less a family member is qualified to deal with it. Instead, the role of advocate is far more meaningful and loving.

    Not easy, Granny. We’ve got you covered for morale at least!

  6. I agree with all the comments above your Mom needs to be checked out by a doctor…so sorry you have to deal with this stuff….

  7. I’m so happy for you that your house will soon be finished. I’m sure you can’t wait. I feel sorry for your Stepdad. Your mom really needs to seek help. Would she listen to you?

  8. Luckily snakes are more scared of us than we of them Granny. I am glad you and Jasmine did not have any encounters with them.

    I am happy to hear that the painter will do his job. Sorry to hear about your mother. Sounds like she needs more than a doctor. Old age sucks.

    You take care hon and be well. ♥ Big Hugs ♥ to you and Jasmine. xxx

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