Posted by: granny1947 | July 27, 2014

Granny and a bit of this and that.

Sunrise from the front of our office building.

Hello All.
A short post today.
Because I haven’t left the flat all weekend.
It has been cold ,raining and miserable.
Perfect weather to sit around in my jammies.
Playing scrabble.
And napping.

I made a huge pot of barley and vegetable soup yesterday.
I am all souped out.
But I have two containers to freeze.
Prepared meals for when we move.
I have a feeling I am not going to feel like cooking.
Then again, there are always pizzas.
And the bottle of really nice red wine I have to celebrate the move.

The news was full of a Zulu king and his marriage to his 6th wife.
Our esteemed president was there in his animal skins.
Between the two of them they have over fifty kids.
Is it only me, but I find this slightly obscene?
And the tax payer supports all this excess.
When you have that many kids how do you even remember their names?
Or do you number them?
I know it is a cultural thing but I just cannot relate.

Enough for now.
Just now a car will be calling to pick me up.
For disparaging our president.
But respect is earned.



  1. Stabbing people in the tummy because you are in a bad mood was also a cultural thing with the esteemed Zulu royalty. It doesn’t mean it should be allowed to carry on in this day and age. And, after all, Apartheid was largely a cultural thing, too.

  2. I don’t even know what to say about your dear president….well, I do, but I don’t fancy being hunted down an entire ocean away…. Anyway, I love barley-veg soup! You’ve motivated me to make some. The countdown to your move is ON!!! 😀

    • Oh RD…I think you are safe to say what is in your mind…we are small fish…anyway….he has no conscience.

  3. And on the weddings WE pay for I share your sentiments.

  4. Hmm….I do not feel I can comment on that situation being so far away but in my mind..well that is another story….enjoy your soup and what about some hot chocolate with whipped cream?

    • Hi Annie…wish I could read your mind…just be grateful for your president…at least he has class.

  5. The bride must be in it for the money and “prestige”. Which 27-year old in her right mind wants to marry a 60-year old man?
    When is the roof-wetting party, or has it been already???

    • Hi Pussycat…can’t think what any of them see in him.

  6. Your esteemed president must be a sucker for punishment: I found 2 kids enough of a handful!

    BTW when we moved, a year ago this week, we were delighted to find a bistro in the new village, simple, good and cheap. It took the strain of the move delightfully.

    • I had four and they cured me for life!

  7. Wow! That’s a ton of mouths to feed ~ maybe you should send him a pot of Barley-Veggie soup?

    I love soup on rainy days. And moving days. Freeze away.

    • Wouldn’t give that man ice in winter!

  8. The napping part sounds good Granny and the pizza as well. I love rainy weather. You have fun and take care. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

    • Hi Sonel…napping is always good…which reminds me…I didn’t have one today!

      • hahahaha Granny! Yeah, me neither. Guess we will have to remind ourselves today. LOL!

  9. i suppose when you have a whole nation to support your offspring it would not matter about the amount of children you have , but I agree with you. Your President is crap!
    hope you are feeling more energetic by now….. lots of love

    • Hi Patrecia…I just wonder how much of a Dad he can be with that many kids all living in different houses…each wife has her own house and allowance.

    • I so agree with you Miss Whiplash……absolute crap. 😦

  10. I cant relate to that either. Take care and keep warm granny.

  11. I just can’t bear to read about these useless guys and their excesses. It’s more than “slighty” obscene. 😦

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