Posted by: granny1947 | July 26, 2014

Granny is a wee bit anxious


Hello All.
First…progress on the house.
They have put on the first couple of coats of paint inside.
The outside is facebrick so no paint needed there.
Hopefully, they will finish the painting by Tuesday or Wednesday.
Then, I think, they come in and do the cupboards and the kitchen units.
And they still have to do the shower.
Floors etc.
I am still hopeful we will be able to move by mid August.
This is all good news.

Now for the bad news.
I believe the complex is full of snakes!!!!!!!
Especially puffadders.
Most snakes will move away when they hear you coming( I think).
Puffadders don’t.
They lie there and wait for you to step on them.
Then they get annoyed and bite you.
And they grow BIG.
And I am terrified of the things.
And MEX is worse.

ML’s son owns a snake park in Cape Town.
She says snakes are more afraid of you.
They only come indoors looking for water.
Yeah right.

Mex has visions of hearing a noise at the front door.
Opening the door and finding a snake there.
But I don’t think they knock.
I have visions of stepping on one when I go out to my car, in the dark, in the mornings.
Or one gets into my engine for warmth.
And, while I am on the highway, pops it’s head up and looks at me through the windscreen.
I WILL leave the road.
And my car.

Healthwise all is good.
No more nosebleeds.
My eye is almost back to normal.
Except for a slight blur to the one side where the membrane still appears to be little loose.
It is irritating but not a train smash.

Also on the upside the sun is starting to come up a little earlier in the mornings.
Hopefully, it won’t be too long and I will be going to work in the light.
There is rain forecast for tomorrow but all clear next week so they can carry on with the house.
Mind you, the only outside work left is the garden wall and planting of grass.
Enough for today.
You are all going to be so sick of hearing about the house.



  1. Good news about the house. No so good news about the snakes…. 😦

    • I KNOW…isn’t it awful…Mex will never let us sleep with a window open now!

      • Unless you line the ground beneath the window with dishes of water? 🙂

      • And we will be planting LOTS of garlic…I hear snakes don’t like it.

      • What a good idea – and perhaps you should use a lot of garlic in your cooking? 😉

      • Hi Elaine…I put garlic in everything anyway…which explains why people stand well clear of me.

      • 🙂

  2. never ever sick of hearing about your house…your posts are missed when you have a rest.
    I didn’t know anything about a bad eye! where did that come from?

    Snakes, big, small or otherwise are definitely not my idea of enjoyment…sorry snakies but you make me cringe. I am sure your Mummy loves you but I don’t.

    however if someone is right and that they only come looking for water …as long as you have a water supply away from the house which is kept topped up , surely they will not bother you.. also not in long grass. maybe a long hose to reach the bowl without going near it.

    Are there other people living there..have they seen snakes…ask the builders.

    can you get snake-proof fencing…like something solid and slippery…

    Glad to hear the nosebleeds have stopped ( although I do wonder if you are just not telling us), not that you would tell fibs but you just wouldn’t want others to worry…so now I’m worried in case…

    lots of love from a silly old bat. xxx

    • Hi Patrecia…I promise…no more bleeds.
      You will have to read my post about bugs to catch up on the eye story….another age thing!!!
      I am just going to have walk around with my eyes out on stalks.
      It was the electrican who told me about the snakes…he saw one that stretched right across the road…I don’t even want to think about meeting that guy!

  3. Plenty of lighting will keep the snakes away. And plenty of snakes will keep the burglars away. You can’t lose!

    • Plenty of snakes will keep ME away too!!!

  4. Yesterday, we watched a black racer climb the steps in the courtyard and slither up into the bushes . . . where it lay in wait for unsuspecting lizards or bugs or grannies.

    I hope that the snakes relocate before you move in. If they don’t, invest in some hip boots to wear to and from your car.

    • Hip boots….hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. You almost lost me at the picture! You know how I feel about them. I would not go near that house! You poor thing, I am so sorry.

    • Hehehe…I thought of you when I put that picture on. 🙂

  6. Four weeks sounds very possible! I can’t wait until you’re in and we can see some pics (hopefully!). Snakes don’t generally freak me out (spiders, on the other hand, send me screaming like a girl….oh wait, I AM a girl, so I guess that’s okay LOL), but huge ones like puff adders would be a different story. I don’t buy that whole “they’re more afraid of you than you are of them” nonsense. Everyone tells me that about spiders – then how come they come charging at me and run up my leg? Or deliberately lower themselves down on those nasty webs from the trees onto me?? HMMMM????? I suggest snakebite-proof boots….and a flashlight for those dark mornings….

    • Hi RD…am seriously contemplating the boots…might even sleep in them!

  7. Put up a sign of “Beware of the Snakes”…should keep the burglars away…sorry to hear about this problem, it would totally freak me out too…but good news that you will be moving in soon….how are things going? You have been so quiet lately…..

    • Hi Annie…have been very stressed but think that is almost over.

  8. Wow – getting closer.
    The snake bit – I can vouch for the fact that I know of only two snakes which are to mean (a really big black mamba) or too lazy (puff-adder) to get out of the way. In the case of the latter, he is kind enough to provide a loud warning whooshing signal. Tune yourself to that, and you can’t go wrong. They aren’t called puff-adders for no reason.

    This gives some idea of the puff, but the real thing (not just recorded) is most striking haha.

    • For crying in a bucket Col….was that supposed to make me feel better????????????

  9. The house is coming along nicely, can’t wait to see photos of the inside.
    As for snakes? I hate ’em (and we have plenty of the bad ones here). They do say that if they sense you, they will get out of your way, (they are very sensitive to vibration), so you need to jump around like Tigger when you are outside!

    • Hi Barb…I shall start practicing my Tigger jumps right away!

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