Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2014

Granny has a couple of interesting nights.


Hello All.
I got to thinking the other day.
Sometimes I do that.
When we lived in Cape Town I blogged every day.
Even when I had nothing to say.
Must have bored you all to tears.
Now I am finding it so hard to put any words down.
Has my life become THAT empty?

First the news of the house.
For nearly four weeks nothing much happened.
Then they seemed to get their act into gear.
We now have a roof.
And a solar panel.
The inside walls have been plastered.
And, yesterday, the ceilings were completed.
The still have to put plaster on the ceilings(screed?)
They have to paint.
Do the cornices.
The tiles and the carpets.
The built-in cupboards.
Sigh…when I put it in writing it sounds like such a lot.
Still, I am optimistic.
I reckon another four weeks.
Weather permitting.
We have become obsessed with long term weather forecasts.
It is raining, cold and miserable today.
But it IS Saturday so that is ok.
No rain forecast for next week.

Now to my interesting couple of nights.
Get your minds out of the gutter.

I woke up at two o’clock the other morning and thought “why is my nose running?”
Sat up and, in the light from the security outside light, looked at my hands.
It was like something out of a horror movie.
Blood everywhere.
I have never had a nosebleed.
Didn’t know you could lose so much blood from the nose.
Mex was wonderful.
Stood next to me passing me toilet paper to mop up the constant stream.
And wiping my face with a wet cloth.
Actually, that was irritating, as he kept putting the cloth over my eyes and I could see a damn thing.

It eventually stopped and I went back to bed.
At two o’clock the next morning it happened again.
And I was a bit annoyed.
I don’t like leaking.
I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep.
Which was just as well.
At four o’clock I spouted blood all over the place.
Eventually, even coughing out huge clots.
At which point I thought “oh dear”
No I didn’t but I am trying to be a lady.

At this point I thought a visit to the doctor was in order.
I went to work for a couple of hours and then went.
My friend at work is a cheerful soul…suggested it could be blood from the brain!!!
Who needs enemies when you have friends like that.

The doctor said it was just a nose bleed and suggested I see an ENT guy to have my nose cauterised.
I said no.
I know my body.
And my brain.
Suggest to me that someone is going to stick things up my nose AND charge me for the pleasure is a no no.
No more nose bleeds.
Anyway I believe nosebleeds that big are your body’s safety valve.
That is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Also, on the upside, my eyes are almost back to normal.



  1. oh my giddy aunt!!!! There’s me asking if you were ok and all the time you have been bleeding blood…..
    Now not being one to nag… I do think that you should go to see a specialist. and believe it or not your friend could be right.
    Please dear friend, please go and get it sorted.
    How is Jasmine? You did not mention her….

    the house is coming along fine, maybe not as quick as you would like but in a few weeks you will be happily esconced in your new home

    • Hehehe.P…I am told if your brain bleeds it goes into a cavity in your skull and not out of the nose. My grandfather had some epic nosebleeds…when they stopped he had a stroke. I will watch my blood pressure…I promise!!!
      Jasmine is just great…getting old like me.

  2. -Well now, welcome back! I was just thinking of you yesterday.

    • Were they nice thoughts???

  3. Poor you. I agree with miss whiplash: you should get it checked out – if not ENT, than maybe cardio-vascular.

    Screed is for floors – lovely smooth runny cement to make the base for floor tiles or carpet.

  4. Nice to hear from you again.

    Do get your nose cauterised, I had a bleed for four days (very bad) its the only thing that stopped it, five minutes and you will not feel a thing.

    • If I have another one I will Harry but so far so good!

  5. We are all very fond of you Granny, but you can be a pain in the rear!
    Get it sorted and no arguments. ?..

    • I have had years of practice P.

      • Love you xxxx

      • Love you too!!!

    • Here, here Misswhiplash 🙂 🙂

      • Are you two ganging up on me????

      • Trying to get your nose melted together again 🙂

  6. Those nose bleeds sound rather horrific to deal with . . . especially in the middle of the night. I’m glad they’ve stopped. Your theory makes sense ~ a relief valve to let off extra steam.

    We are NEVER bored when you post posts. We are OFTEN bored when you don’t. We like you to entertain us!

    • Thank you for those kind words NR!!!

  7. Those nose bleeds sound a little alarming – but a little blood does go a long way!
    Let’s look at the positives of the progress on the house – lots has been done! 🙂 The fact that there is still lots to do is another matter…

    • Think the nose bleeds are coming from a bit of stress…all will be well when we move…I hope.

    • Hehehe…forgot to mention…they scared the hell out of me.

  8. When I got nosebleeds I changed from taking my blood thinner meds one every day to one three days a week. The house looks lovely from the outside.

    • Hi Pussycat…I can’t cut down on my blood thinners…I don’t take any!!!

  9. Your nose bleeds could be one way of letting off steam (your safety valve), but they seem to be rather heavy. I’m with Patrecia and Harry – get it checked out to make sure nothing sinister is going on.
    The house is coming along nicely albeit slowly, but it is progress! You will be in it in no time and all your stress will be over.
    Never bored with your posts Granny, and miss you when you don’t.

    • Thanks Barb…I might even post again just now…will see how the mood takes me.

  10. Hello Barb…I agree…a good safety valve.
    I really hope they finish in the next four weeks….that would be wonderful.

  11. When it happened to me, Granny – and yes it was while I was stressed – scared the bejeepers out of me, too. When I told my very cool doc who has now retired, she said, “Were you picking your nose?” I snorted and almost had another nose bleed in front of her.

    Then I got the old line about how the nose lining thins with advancing years, yada yada.

    Doc taught me to pinch the bridge of my nose for 20 minutes and NOT throw my head back. Our bodies don’t want all that blood in our stomachs she tells me.

    Thankfully I haven’t had any more bouts for years. See what retirement does for us?

    Waawhoo re the house. Mighty happy for you. Will the last few weeks be like the last few weeks of pregnancy?

    • Oh my word….if I HAD been picking my nose I would have had to be using a shovel…yes…it is all blamed on age….makes me mad…I don’t FEEL old…now just to convince my body.

  12. glad things are progressing with the house…sorry to hear you have been having nosebleeds – take the good advice of people who know and don’t be stubborn xxx we love you xxx

  13. Oh dear! that nosebleed sounds terrifying. I do hope it doesn’t come back but if it does straight off to the doctor with you!

    • Hi Linda…have been to the doc. He isn’t worried so neither am I.

  14. It can get real scary and I wonder why they happen mostly at night. Years ago, we were terrified to see the pillow on which my little daughter slept drenched in blood. Rushed her to an ENT, who said some have very thin capillaries and do have the tendency to erupt with very high or low temperatures . He didn’t prescribe anything long term if I remember. She had it a couple of times more and then it stopped.
    Do visit an ENT, just so that you can be sure.

    Glad your house is coming along fine.

    When I stay off this blogging space and then return, your blog is always one of those I quickly want to get back to. So there!:-)

    • Hello Nadira…thank you for those kind words(about coming to see me).
      There have been no more bloody eruptions so I guess it IS just an age thing…sigh

  15. The house is looking great, Granny! Hopefully it’ll move along quickly now. I’m so sorry to hear about your nosebleeds – it happened to me some years ago, and I ended up having to get it cauterized because I’d have bad bleeds, then none, then it would happen again weeks later, finally more often. Turned out it was due to dryness in the air. After I healed from being cauterized, I was told to put Vaseline inside my nose before bed every night to keep the tissue moist; I also had a very short regimen of Vitamin K to thicken the blood temporarily. The Vaseline worked and I haven’t had a problem since. Yours may be a different situation, but that was my experience anyway. Hope your fiasco is at an end!

    • Me too RD…me too…have ruined my duvet!!!

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