Posted by: granny1947 | June 21, 2014

Granny has bugs.


Hello All.
Yes, it has been quite a time.
Nothing too serious but a bit alarming.

Let me start with the house and then I will get back to the bugs.
The house has gone SO slowly.
Fortunately, now they seem to be going great guns.
They fired all the previous builders and, at last, we are seeing some progress.
The walls you can see in the picture went up in three days.
At this rate, if they keep it up, we might just get in by the end of July.
But I suspect it will be the middle of August.

Now to my bugs.
I, suddenly, started seeing a lot of floaters in my left eye.
Not just a lot….hundreds.
Felt like I had a swarm of bees constantly in my vision.
And flashing lights…my own private firework display.
Without the bangs.
I spoke to an Optometrist and they said straight to a specialist.
Said one of my retinas could be pulling loose.
I don’t know what happens if that occurs but I rather like all my parts to stay attached.
Anyway, I saw a specialist( I haven’t seen his bill yet) and he said it is an age thing.
When you get to my advanced age it is always an age thing.
Apparently the membrane that holds something or other in has broken.
And the floaters and the blurriness is the membrane moving around.
He says it should repair itself.
And, in time, I will probably get it in the other eye.
Something to look forward to.

He also said if I suddenly see black things dropping down in my eye that will be blood.
And if it looks like someone has poured a cup of coffee into my eye I must get to him asap.
This will mean the membrane HAS pulled the retina loose.
He has no idea just how fast I will get to him.
My son says he does not know why I was worried…I have another eye.
News flash…I LIKE having two eyes.

On the upside my vision is great.
My eye pressure is great.
The artificial lenses look great.

Hell, I am just great.
I hope you lot are also great


  1. He, he, he, getting old is for sissies 🙂

    • You have that wrong Newsey…getting old is NOT for sissies!!!

      • Definitely not for sissies. What a fright you must have had. I have floaters, but try to ignore them. Now I have to have two hearing aids.. New specs, laptop and camera have already broken the bank, so we’re in for a frugal time.

        Our last house took 12 months to build, with builders. The previous one, 4 years (Jock did it with his own hands) You will be so excited to move in, when the time comes. The magic is how much bigger it looks once they get plaster on the walls.

      • You are so right Viv…I am trying not to look at the place until it is plastered.

  2. Oh UGH! That sounds awful! Anything to do with the eye freaks me out. I hate the idea that you have to *watch* any procedures as they happen. (!!!!!) (But then again, I’m a supreme needlephobe, so my reactions are a bit extreme….) I do hope this heals on its own *without* the black droppings — ick — and you don’t get it in the other eye.

    On the other hand I’m so happy your home is finally taking shape! Can’t wait until the big move-in day!

    • Me too RD…me too…I can’t wait…although I am dreading the packing and unpacking part.

  3. I don’t think I would like seeing little bigs in my eyes!

    • It is very disconcerting!!!

  4. This age thing is not much fun! Bits of me keep going wrong too, but not quite as dramaticaly as yours.
    I hope the house keeps moving on great guns and you get in sooner than you think.

  5. Sounds quite nasty, and not what you need at any age! Hope the other eye doesn’t follow suit.
    The house is coming along nicely at last and you will be moving in – at least that’s something to ‘look’ forward to!

  6. My floaters come and go. Worse when stressed so I must work the eyes harder during those times. Yah…I’m just going to keep eating well, exercising lots and do healing thingies in my meditation. So far, so good, in spite of slight signs of wear and tear!

    Big hug to you!

  7. Great news about your house progress, but your eye condition must be rather worrying. Hugs to you, Granny. 🙂

    • Hi AD…not really…I have great faith in mind over matter.

  8. Glad to hear progress is moving forward with the house! ..playing catch up on posts and always enjoy reading your thoughts. Hope your eye heals FAST and without surgery. Eye issues freak me out. 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh the eye thing is so scary! Maybe it would be good to have three eyes just in case. I have a lot of floaters also. They drive me crazy! Sometimes I see them more than other times but they are so annoying.

  10. So many things happening in your life and I’m way behind in being updated. Have been having my days full with looking after my grandson during the weekdays and rushing off to be with my ailing mother on alternate weekends. I do hope the condition of your eye doesn’t deteriorate. Must be exciting seeing your new house getting ready . May be with the new living space, everything will turn out for the better.

    • Hello There….my word your life is certainly busy and full. Must pop over to your blog. I have been very remiss lately.

  11. Glad it’s your vitreous detaching and not your retina. I went through that with both eyes last year. Those flashes of light are like private fireworks . . . only silent. And not as much fun.

    Yay on the house! Hope by now you’re seeing real progress. And have a move in day in view.

    • Thanks heavens the fireworks are now over.
      Still have a few bugs and a slight blur to the one side but much, much better.

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