Posted by: granny1947 | April 27, 2014

Granny sort of does the Granny thing.


Hello All.
Yes, I did my best.
My DIL and my granddaughter are here for the nationals of the Nipper life saving competition.
I had an appointment with someone(more about that later) and then I went down to the beach.
I parked miles away from the beach.
Well, it felt like miles.
I then phoned DIL and discovered they were at the very far end of the beach.
I battled through hundreds of people on soft sand.
By the time I reached the end I felt as if I had taken part in a marathon.

I still couldn’t see them but I suddenly heard GRANNY and I was hugged and kissed by the little one.
Found my DIL and plonked myself down on the sand next to her.
There were rows of kids waiting to do the heats in the beach run.
The coached signalled to my DIL that HL was cold and needed her jacket.
DIL went off to fetch it and I gave HL my top to warm her up while she waited.
An hour later she would have had to fight me for the jacket.

I watched all the heats and HL made it through to the semi finals.
There was going to be quite a long break before the semi’s so I sent DIL off to get us a hamburger.
I was starving.
It was the nicest burger I have ever eaten.
It probably wasn’t but by that time I would have eaten anything that looked vaguely edible.
I sat in the team tent to eat while DIL went to give HL something to eat.
And the wind came up.
And it started to rain.
And it was freezing.
And I had sand in every crack.
So I did what any sensible Granny would do.
I phoned my DIL and said I was out of there!

My granddaughter came 8th in the finals and we are very proud of her.
Having said that….I am not going down to the beach today.
Yesterday was the beach run.
Today I think it will be swimming.
I’ll look at the photos.



  1. *flaps arms and makes ‘squawk-squawk’ noises*

    • pffffffffffffffffffttttt

  2. Onya!

  3. You did well. I hate getting seasand everywhere

    • Reply

      Yes Sidey…sand everywhere was fun when we were kids…not now!!!

  4. my nose it twitching…who were you going to said you would tell later and you didn’t …now I am left in suspense!!!! A tall dark handsome stranger, a toy boy, a mystery man or just Mex????

    sorry you got cold on the beach but HL did do well and the hamburger tasted good so that was a bonus….. love P

    • You will have to wait Patrecia…something I am working on…will reveal all in a later post…don’t want to jinx it.

  5. Good job granddaughter!

    • Yep…we are proud of her…not bad for her first attempt.

  6. yeah, good for your granddaughter. Is she at the Fish Hoek nippers? My step-son works with the kids there

    • Yes she is. What is his name…am sure my DIL will know him.

      • Alistair Horton

      • I’ll ask her.

  7. The things Grannies do for their grandchildren! Very brave of you to weather the weather 😉

  8. Sounds like a fun day . . . except for being cold, wet, hungry, and covered in sand particles. 😉

  9. Just catching up, I see I’ve missed much. ps: Donkeys are hard working and don’t rest much, so if someone talks till the damn things sits down, then you’ve talked the hind legs off a donkey.

  10. And there’s Granny being a happy one! Good results – congrats to the young ‘un.

  11. She has your genes right? She is not likely to give up anything without a fight. 🙂

    There is something very fortunate about being able to be around our grandchildren, don’t you think?

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