Posted by: granny1947 | April 19, 2014

Granny takes strain


Hello All.
Day two of the long weekend and what did we do?
Well, Mex went to the bank and transferred the money for the new house.
Then we went and looked at showers.
For the second time.
I suspect we will be doing this on a regular basis.
Mex goes into everything with a fine toothcomb.
It drives me nuts.

I am beginning to wonder if our relationship of 27 years is going to survive the next three months.
He is very bitter about the money I put into this place.
He won’t go into eat.
It is very uncomfortable.
It has become clear that my dear mother got me here under false pretences.
If my Dad goes first (which is likely) she will change the will in the blink of an eye.
She has made that clear in a non obvious way.
But I suspected that all along.
I am taking strain as I find it very distasteful to fight over money.
It is just not in my nature.

We went to look at the plot today.
Lord, I can foresee months of dust and dirt while they are building more houses.
The huge pile of rubble at the far edge of our plot is the start of the “greenbelt”
I have no idea when they will start on that.
On the upside I can take Jasmine for walks as it is and I won’t have to pick up poop.

As we were leaving I told Mex we had to go to the far left gate.
He approached it at an angle and it did not open.
So he tried another gate.
That didn’t open either.
I told him we had to go to the far left so he reversed in a huff.
And hit a street light, knocking it flat.
He hardly touched it so I suspect someone had already hit it.
We returned to the gate I had indicated and it opened.
I swear I didn’t say “I told you so”.
But if you could have read my thoughts…….

Tomorrow we go to friends for a BBQ.
I would like to take Jasmine but last time she pooped all over their lawn.
Hmmmmmmm…decisions, decisions.



  1. I can do you one better – last time I visited my friend, my dog pooped next to her bed.

    Amazingly, she’s still my friend 🙂

  2. Problems, problems….its always like that .. in the uk it is illegal not to pick up dog poo and although there is nothing like that in Bulgaria we always take plastic bags when we go for walks…is it not law in SA.
    money is not what happiness is made of. This is what I told my daughter when he Father died last year and current mrs got everything. My daughter only asked for photos but even that seems to much of a problem !!!!!
    Buying things for new house will only be bought once so Mex is right to take his time in chosing otherwise it would be money down drainhole

    • Hi Patrecia…we also pick up poop here….I just meant that, with all that rubble, I doubt I would find it.

      • Is it the law that is what I meant, not whether you pick up Jas poo

  3. I’m also not one to quibble over money or material goods of any kind, but after all you’ve done for your mother and stepdad, I can’t believe she’d cut you out of the will. She should be kissing the ground you walk on. (You hit a nerve with me on that one!)
    I think things will be fine with Mex once you’re settled in your new home. It’s probably a bit overwhelming for him right now. Have a good supply of chocolate and wine on hand for yourself – they never fail to make everything better! 😉

    • Chocolate and wine…much better than pills. 🙂

  4. That is not good. Financial arrangements that rely on goodwill, even between the closest of family members, mostly end in disaster. Unless things are placed on a sound legal footing, you may find you are making a donation, in effect.

    • Yep Col, a donation I can ill afford!!!

  5. The path to building a house is paved with decisions. Take it one step at a time.

    • I know NR…I am quite laid back but Mex goes into everything…I am already sick of looking at the plans. When we move in we will sort ourselves out.

  6. money, is it not the most contentious family issue on the planet! Sadly “in-writing” is the only way to go these days, even with family. So sorry for you Granny

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