Posted by: granny1947 | April 18, 2014

Granny’s Good Friday


So, I missed a day.
Sue me.
I had a great time yesterday.
I arranged to meet an old blogger friend at one o’clock.
She is in PE to be with her Dad who is having surgery.
We agreed to meet at the hospital restaurant.
One problem.

I finished work at eleven and got there at 11:30.
Lots of time to kill so I got out my camera and took a few shots.
Then I bought a magazine and sat in my car and read it from cover to cover.
In no time at all.
I now remember why I stopped buying the “YOU” magazine.
It costs more than twenty rand and there is really very little to read in it.

Anyway, Puppycat arrived and we spent a lovely time talking the hind leg off a donkey.
I wonder where that saying comes from?
I am sure someone will tell me.
Cindy are you there?
I also met Pupppycat’s Dad’s partner who I took to right away.
All in all a good time.

Today, being a holiday, has been a lazy day.
I cleaned a bit.
Brushed Jasmine.
Played a game with her with a piece of rope.
Played a few games of scrabble.
Had a good nap.
Went out and bought pizzas for supper.
Read my book.
Only thing missing was some exercise.
MUST go for a walk tomorrow.
Damn, damn, damn…have no idea what is going on.
Have now tried four times to insert a photo and all I get is that writing.
Now I have published the photo is there.
They are messing with my mind.
Will retry the view from the back of the hospital



  1. The joys of blogging on WordPress

    • Absolutely Krag…have had a few problems since my return.

  2. I think WP just likes messing with you. They probably enjoy reading your complaints. And I think they have a special little Granny-cam so they can watch you wrestle with their silly little gremlins. Those tech types can be tricky! 😉 Sounds like a perfectly lovely day yesterday. Have a happy Easter and a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi RD…Wishing you a great Easter too…full of love.

  3. Great to hear about another of the ‘old’ crowd!
    To get your money’s worth on a magazine, you have to read every word of every ad.

    • Nope Col…I just won’t buy again…complete waste of money.

  4. Magazines are little more than ads these days. We cancel more subscriptions than we keep.

    • I don’t subscribe to any magazines…enough to read on the internet.

  5. The only time I look at a magazine these days is when I’m sitting in a waiting room. Then I remember that magazines in waiting rooms are reportedly full of cooties – esp in Dr.s’ offices. Very few appeal…am I getting old and crotchety, sophisticated in my tastes or spoiled by the freedom of the internet? Probably all three.

    So glad you had a great visit and were given the bonus of a person who is potential friend material!

  6. I abloslutely love magazines. I don’t subscribe to any just buy a few here or there. And yes they all seem to be turning into add machines. I still wish I had about five different subscriptions though. Wait five wouldn’t be enough. Maybe ten!

  7. so agree with regards to YOU. That said, I do flick through it at the till point, and ever so carefully put it back!

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