Posted by: granny1947 | April 16, 2014

Granny keeps it up!!!


Hello All.

I shouldn’t be posting tonight. It might bring rain. Three posts in three days. Rain could hold up our house. We read somewhere that Port Elizabeth has the fourth best weather in the WORLD. Who knew. The first winter we were here it rained for three ruddy months and this has been a dreadful hot summer. I think “they” need to review their stats. Having said that…today was marvellous. Maybe my mood has just improved.

What other news do I have? Oh yes…my younger daughter got married on Monday. I wasn’t invited but I didn’t expect an invitation. We haven’t spoken for four years. Why start now. Anyway I wish her happiness.

After tomorrow there is going to be no Oscar trial until the 7th of May. We are going to have major withdrawal symptoms.

We have a four day weekend this weekend and a four day week the following week. Then there is another long weekend at the end of the month. Life is hell.

Have a great evening you lot. Or a great day. Depending where you are.

Nite nite.


I have No idea why the photo is so small.
Too tired to find out.


  1. They don’t count wind as weather?
    Seriously, that place knows how to funnel air!

    • Apparently wind doesn’t count…we seem to catch it coming up and down the coast.

      • Put the people who don’t count them in a gale or two and I’m sure they’ll adjust their arithmetic!

  2. When tyou feel happier the weather will improve

    • Yes Sidey, everything is better when you are happy…I will get there.

  3. Well done Granny…keep those fingers a tapping…
    sorry that you could not or was unable to go to daughter’s wedding…not easy when things go wrong.
    we got lots of rain in Bg. The forecast says sun on 2 may….and also its cold.
    how is the job?

    • So far so good on the job front but I am back to four hours a day…will miss the extra money.

      • is it not possible to get a second small job

      • I am looking for one.

      • Good idea….best of luck in your search

  4. I love these four day week, followed by four day weekends… 🙂

    • Me too Elaine…will enjoy them more when I am not confined to one room.

  5. Enjoy that lovely weather.

    • Hot with a howling wind today which means I can’t open the door…papers flying everywhere…sigh

  6. I love the lighting on those buildings – so warm, like they’re facing a setting sun. Glad you’re feeling so positive! (Personally, I could live without the Oscar P. news and be perfectly happy….)

    • Hi RD…it was the rising sun but the light was lovely.

      • I’m never up early enough to see a rising sun – no wonder I didn’t know what it was! 🙂

  7. The photo looks like the sun is setting on those buildings – nice.
    Shame about not going to your daughter’s wedding – 4 years is a long time with no communication between you……it happens, I’ve been there.

    • Hi Barb…it is not pleasant but, as you say, it happens…she also does not talk to her one brother though he has made several attempts to talk to her.

  8. Sorry about your daughter.

    • Me too JM but it is her choice and she has to live with it.

  9. I’m all Oscar’d out even though I didn’t watch much of the proceedings.
    I was a “silent daughter/sister” once, but only for a year. I had made my point and all was well afterwards.

    • Hi Pussycat…I am still into the trial…finding it like a game of chess.

  10. your so right about Oscar withdrawal, our tea lady watches the trial all day long in the kitchen. Can you believe it today she is with cold, no doubt due to a lack of Oscar!

    • Hehe Ruth…probably at home watching all the re-runs!

      • i’m going o quiz her to see

  11. I am so looking forward to summer 🙂 and I will be back more now school is done!!! I have missed you!!

    • Thanks Donna…I have missed being here.

  12. Congrats to your daughter. My sister also wasn’t invited to her youngest daughter’s wedding. They haven’t spoken for about 10 years. 😦 I think the OP trial starts again on the 5th May. I see even Joan Rivers has had a go at trashing him. 😯 Happy Easter to you. Hope you get a chocolate bunny. 🙂 xx

    • Happy Easter to you too AD…doubt there will be a chocolate bunny for me but I live in hope!!

  13. Such a beautiful photo Granny and don’t feel bad about not being invited. If you’re like me you’re glad if they don’t invite you. I hate weddings. Funerals too. Any case, hope you and Jasmine are doing fine. Have fun this weekend. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

    • Hi Sonel…Jasmine and I had a lovely game with a piece of rope this morning after her morning brush…my God that dog sheds hair!

      • Sounds like that was fun Granny. Jasmine is so lucky to have you.
        Don’t tell me. Simba just had his bath and after his blow-wave I am more full of hair that he is. LOL!

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