Posted by: granny1947 | April 15, 2014

Granny and the return continues!!!


Hello All.

A quick post tonight. For some reason I am tired. Wait, I hardly slept last night so THAT is the reason.

I warned you about all the pics you will be getting and here is the start. I had to take my Stepdad to the optician this afternoon and, on the way, I thought I would take a couple of shots. I had forgotten my camera but used my phone. I think I must use the phone more often. I couldn’t get into the complex because we don’t have a remote yet but I took these from the gate.




We are going to have to buy a little bit of furniture but not too much. A couch and an armchair. A couple of mats and not much else. Maybe a few kitchen utensils…why oh why did I give away so much when we left Cape Town? Oh yes, curtains for the bedroom. And the kitchen. And a garden hose. Come to think of it…maybe we DO have to buy a fair bit.

I don’t know what I am looking forward to the most. Cooking a meal and then eating the leftovers for the next couple of nights. Starting a veggie garden. Being able to walk out of the lounge into another room. Just about everything.

Having friends around for a meal. That is going to be fun. My cousin and his wife life just around the corner from the new house. It will be so nice to see more of them. I love them to bits.

Oh yes, before I go….my clever little 9 year old granddaughter has made it to the Nationals of the life saving competition. She is in the Nippers section. The Nationals are being held here in Port Elizabeth from the 25th of April so I will be seeing her and her Mom. Something else to look forward to. The 25th is my birthday so that will be a great present for me.





  1. Goodness two posts in two days! Good to see you optimistic again

    • Amazing what a little hope does for one!!!

      • true, you have been very depressed

    • I thought exactly the same thing, Sidey. 🙂

      • 🙂

  2. Great start with the photos – keep them coming! I can hear the freedom in your written voice when you talk about your new place. All those little things we tend to take for granted are really so important, and I’m so glad you’ll have them back again. Congratulations on your talented granddaughter, that’s quite a wonderful achievement. Your birthday is the day before my daughter’s, so we’ll be celebrating too. 🙂

  3. Hi RD..April is a popular month…it was my eldest grandson’s on the 10th, my twin step kids on the 14th, my son-in -law on the 5th(I forgot his), it is my eldest son on the 28th and my youngest grandson on the 29th!!!!

  4. Great stuff, having your own space is so important!

    • Hey Sue…how are you??? I have discovered that I just wither without my own space.

  5. It is very exciting building a house – we’ve done it twice, once with Jock’s own hands. Your photo diaries will be very precious in years to come.

    • Hi Viv…I was married to a builder (hubby number one) and I know I mustn’t look at the place after they throw the foundations…it always looks much smaller.

  6. Happy (almost) Birthday! I am so glad to hear an optimistic tone in your voice again. Hope floats!

    • Hi NR…you have no idea how good it feels to have something to look forward to.

  7. All good except being tired!
    Brillant about granddaughter. Hope she does really well – well, she already has, but I mean goes on to even greater glory!

    • Thanks Col…you will be seeing lots of photos of little ones doing whatever they do in a life saving competition. She got three bronze medals in the provincial competition so we hope for something good next week. The main thing is she must have fun.

  8. Your optimism shines out in this post Granny, and I’m feeling your excitement about the new place and what it will mean for you and Mex and Jasmine.
    Congrats to your granddaughter – quite an accomplishment, and I wish her well for the 25th April.

    • Thanks so much Barb…a new home and a visit from my granddaughter…life is looking up.

  9. the 25 April will be your birthday…can you remind me on the 24th… The pics are looking good..I have a nice feeling about this new house. I just wish it were in cape Town as jasmine loved the beach and it was good for you as well. However next best thing is open space, your own space, freedom space. It will be interesting watching the progress.
    Great news about Granddaughter…upwards and onwards to reach the highest height….

  10. Oh Patrecia Cape Town would have been wonderful but I can’t have everything…Mex loves Port Elizabeth…not too big for him…and loads of shopping malls!

  11. So excited for you, granny. Hope they get a move on with your house. 🙂 xx

  12. how wonderful to buy new things for your new house. Yeeeaaahhhh!

    • Only if you have loads of money Ruth!

      • this is true! time to hit the lottery

  13. I love this all!!!

  14. Having something to look forward to – that always changes my perceptions!! ♥♥

  15. I ♥ Jasmine.

  16. Oh it’s so good to hear from you again. So very glad that things are turning around the right way for you.

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