Posted by: granny1947 | April 14, 2014

Granny is conflicted.


Hello All.

Yes, it really is me.
I haven’t checked to see when last I posted but I think it must be a good three months.
Or a bad three months.
Depending on how you feel.

Yes, I am feeling very conflicted.
Life here has become close to impossible.
No, that is not right…not impossible.
Just very unpleasant.

To cut a long story short Mex has bought a house.
Well, he has bought a piece of ground and they are starting to build the house.
Weather permitting we hope to move in at the end of July.
It is in a huge walled complex about a km from a massive shopping mall that is due for completion in 2015.
Mex will be in his element.
He loves shopping malls.
I don’t.

It will be a small two bedroom house with an enclosed garden.
However, it is more than twice the size of what we are in right now.
And it sounds like heaven.
You will be getting lots of pics.
From the empty plot to the finished product.
Brace yourselves.

As the crow flies the new place is about one kilometre from here.
Which means, in the case of emergency, I am nearby.
I am feeling conflicted because I know the old people need me.
But, I have no security here.
Mex is seeing a lawyer in the next few days and will be signing a userfruct giving me the use of the house until I kick the bucket.
Also, it means if I should die before Mex HE has somewhere to live.
I have also come to the conclusion that, if I stay here, I am going to get ill.
Probably mentally before physically!

In other news we are totally hooked on the Oscar Pistorious trial.
I am sure that by televising this trial the crime rate is going to drop.
Facing the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, would be an absolute nightmare.

Well, my friends, I hope I have broken my blogging block.
Chat again soon.



  1. Granny!!! It’s so good to see you back again! And congratulations on the new (soon-to-be) house, how exciting and NECESSARY. I’m so glad you’ll have your own place so you can be comfortable and healthy again. Don’t be conflicted, because staying where you are will definitely make you ill. Psychological suffering leads to physical suffering, and what good would you be to your family then? It’s best for everyone for you to move, be safe, and be happy. The new place sounds ideal, and I love the ideal of an enclosed garden! Yes, pictures, pictures, and more pictures please! 🙂

    • Hi There RD…yes, it is good to be back. Rest assured…there will be loads of boring photos!!

  2. it is good to see you here. sometimes you just can’t live with people, you do need some space

    • Hi Sidey…yes, I have missed my space SO much.

  3. Oh, I hope you’ve broken the blogging block too! Good for you for dealing with your situation and making it better. Looking forward to pictures of an empty plot! How weird is that. Must have missed you more than I thought. lol xxoo

    • Hehehe Lin…you might be sorry when I start posting the pics!

  4. Yea.wonderful news! Not only that you are back again but also about the house. Even you my dear Kathy, as determined as you are, can only cope with so much and now you have the its good that you will be moving out. As for OP…its better than a good tv serial. Nel surely is most determined and aggressive and doing a splendid job.
    what is happening about your job?
    a big hug and kiss for she still in good health as last time you wrote she was having problems…
    chin up..back straight, shoulders back and march forward towards your future

    • Hi Patrecia…thanks so much for the lovely mail…will reply soon. Jasmine is doing just great.

  5. Hello Granny, so glad to hear you are getting your own place, you deserve it, and to have somewhere brand spanking new is amazing

    • Thanks so much Ruth..I think the builders might regret that we are going for brand new…Mex is going to haunt them.

  6. Great news Granny! I wish you both much happiness in your new abode and look forward to seeing the pics and reading about all the progress.

    • Thank you so much Nugget…I just can’t wait though I dread the thought of all the packing.

  7. How wonderful! You’ll be close enough for them . . . while being a world away for you. Hope the building goes according to plan and that you are able to move on schedule.

    • Hi NR…yes so near but so far…absolute heaven! Now I just have to deal with my conscience.

  8. Hello! How lovely to see you again! It’s good news to hear that you will be having a new place to live. I’m looking forward to the photos. 🙂

  9. Good to see a return, and this space will be eagerly watched.
    I do hope the developments will turn out favourable.

    • Thanks Col…I am a bit apprehensive…not always easy to watch a building go up.

      • Much better than seeing it fall down – if you don’t want it to!

  10. Great to hear from you again and waiting to see the pics.

    I’m watching the Oscar Pistorious trial, according to the council, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Hehehe Harry…you are SO bad.

  11. G’Day Granny – it’s great to see you here, and fantastic news that Mex is building a house for you both. As much as you care for the old folk, you need your own space, and it will feel like heaven when you move in…..I’m so excited for you!
    How is Jasmine? I think she will be excited at the move too, as she has no doubt been feeling your stress levels going sky high. Dogs know.
    Good luck with the building, and I’m looking forward to some progress pics.

    • Hi There Barb…you are so right…Jasmine has looked a bit depressed too…she is going to love it there.

  12. If anyone deserves a new home it’s you Granny, so happy to hear that you and Mex and Jasmine will have your own space. Also have not blogged for months, it does not seem like I have anything to say that might be of interest to anyone else.

    • Hi Optie…I know exactly how you feel. It is so difficult to put pen to paper when your heart isn’t in it.

      • Ahem…me too, Optie and Granny. Bet it’s a phase, but since we’re all breaking turf, we don’t realize it. I like to unabashedly make a gesture towards “connection” only when so moved. Maybe it’s like preparing for the geriatric stage of sex??!!

  13. How wonderful to have this new home to look forward to. I’m sure you’ll be behind those builders with the proverbial whip. 🙂 Good luck.

  14. Hi AD..not me but they will develop a nervous tic with Mex around!

  15. Welcome back, its been a while….

    • Hi There…it has been far too long…feels good to be back.

  16. Welcome back and giving us your good news. Looking forward to all the pics and descriptions of how the house is taking shape.

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