Posted by: granny1947 | January 29, 2014

Granny and fertility


Hello All.

I am writing this at work again.
This time I shall remember to mail the post home before I leave.
My mate left the air conditioner on all night so it is blissfully cool.
If we are still here next summer I think we shall have to invest in a small air conditioner.
I might have a job persuading Mex.
Last night was so hot I lay on the bed in my birthday suit (which needs ironing).
I think he enjoyed the spectacle.

I went for a bone density test yesterday.
The place was at the hospital where I took my Stepdad.
It is a huge place.
And my appointment letter didn’t say where in the complex it was situated.
I arrived five minutes early and asked a security person where to go.
She pointed at a nearby lift and said “second floor”.
I got out on the second floor and found myself in the maternity section!!!

I went back down and asked the same person again(I should have known better)
This time she told me to go to the other side of the hospital and take the lift to the second floor.
This time I found myself on a floor that seemed to be all Orthopedic guys.
So I went into the nearest office and asked if the receptionist if she knew where I had to go.
By now I was ten minutes late.
I hate being late.
While she was trying to phone them my cell went and the bone density people wanted to know where I was.
I said if you tell me where YOU are I’ll tell you where I am.
She said take the lift back down to the ground floor and turn left.
I did and the first sign I saw was Fertility clinic.
And I thought WTF?
The bone density place was in the same place.

I had to fill in a whole heap of forms and I felt like such an idiot.
There were so many  questions I couldn’t answer.
How tall are you…in cms…feet and inches I know…centimeters I haven’t a clue.
When did you have your last bone density test?
Three years ago, four year ago….maybe it was five…time flies when you are having fun.
Where did you have it done…Cape Town…can’t remember where…it is a big place.
When did you come off hormone replacement pills.
You have to be kidding me..haven’t got a cooking clue.
And so it went on.
I think all I could answer was my name and birthday.


  1. LOL!! On everything! Hope you do manage to get that air conditioner next year….or better yet, hope you’re living in a place you prefer. 🙂

    • The latter….please the latter.

  2. When I had a bone density test I had a form from my doc, took it to hospital and I was in and out in 10 minutes and no firms to fill in. I wonder if I had the right test ?????

    • My word Patrecia you were lucky…mine took an hour and a half!!!

      • Thats why I wonder if we had the same test

      • I had to lie on a bed in all sorts of positions while a machine moved over me…sound like yours?

      • No I only had to put my feet in these metal shoe things and then got zapped and a reading came out. Maybe a completely different thing but I did ask for bone density which doesn,t mean that is what I got

      • Good heavens Patrecia…that certainly does not sound like a bone density test..maybe yours is more modern???

      • not in a Bulgarian hospital, definitely not. It wasn’t the fertility clinic either.I’d have failed that…so I shall never know..but they did tell me that I had to wear shoes with backs in them..!!!!!

      • I think yours sounds more like it

  3. haha – too funny. There is just way too much crazy stuff to remember. Like phone numbers and home addresses and what year it is. Seriously. Forms always make me want to make things up because it seems rude to leave blanks. lol

    • Hi Lin…I have never thought of doing that…you have given me a brilliant idea for next year…if I remember!

  4. Hope you pass your test with flying colors . . . at least they weren’t testing your memory.

    Sounds like an A/C would be a good investment. I don’t sleep well in a warm room.

    • I have passed all of them so far…just the bone density to go…that is the only one I was concerned about.

  5. I understand. i am 5’2″ and a little tall I am not centimetered

    • Hehe…apparently I am 168cm….whatever that means!

      • no idea!

      • I used to be 5’6″ but maybe I have shrunk?

      • i think i melted lower and wider

  6. LOL, what an adventure you had Granny. Currently trying to work up the courage for a mammogram 😦 Aircon helps but it costs a fortune to run, a cheaper alternative is a fan and a spray bottle filled with water. Mist your face etc. and sit /lie in front of the fan. Definitely don’t waste electricity ironing your birthday suit, doesn’t the label say “wash and wear” 😉

    • Hi Optie…I was so pleased this doc didn’t send me for a mammogram.
      My son gave me a water fan which looks like a small air conditioner. It helps but not as good as an airconditioner…today is another scorcher…the weather forecast lied this morning!!!

  7. I have to go for my annual check-up tomorrow and who knows where the doctor will send me next. I am not yet familiar with my new hospital, except the Emergency Dept 😉

    • Good luck Pussycat….my tests were all fabulous…am just waiting for the bone density.

  8. I say about 1 metre 50 cm and shrinking. I’ve really no idea. Persevere with the bone density tests – you don’t want to end up klike me -brokien in the middle!

    • Oh dear Viv…yep…I certainly don’t want to be broken!!!

  9. There was a time when I was good at filling out forms and my mom always says “you must come with me, to fill in the forms” but lately the eyesight has faded and the memory. I can’t remember numbers anymore and if it is not stored on my cell phone then I have to leave it blank.

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