Posted by: granny1947 | January 8, 2014

Granny and the year so far


Hello All.

Well, it is a good thing I don’t do New Year resolutions.
I would probably have resolved to do a post a day.
And failed horribly.
The heat is partly to blame.
And I have been quite busy.

On Monday I took Step-Dad to the doctor for his annual check-up.
His blood pressure was far too high so we had to go for blood tests.
Well, HE had to have a blood test.
He is also suffering a bit from Vertigo.
Which I thought was a fear of heights.
But, apparently, I was wrong.
Not for the first time.

After the blood tests we had some breakfast in the hospital restaurant.
Where we met the beautiful guy above.
Who got very close and personal with me.
And was extremely interested in what I was eating.
We hear that people have been complaining about the birds on hospital grounds.
But these folk have no sense of humour.
I love them.
Especially when he ate a little green spider that was crawling on the table in front of me.

Then his family joined us.
They were also interested in titbits.
I tossed a bit of biscuit to the Mom and the baby darted in and got there first.
She took it very stoically (is that how you spell it?)


Today I had to take him back to the doctor to check his pressure again and get the blood results.
Blood pressure is much lower but still a little high.
Doctor said he is in excellent condition for a man of 90.
Also, today, for the first time since we have been here,  I got a maid in for the day.
I don’t know why I waited so long.
She was marvellous and the place is sparkling.
I think I shall get her in once a month.
I really don’t want to wash windows and scrub the shower floor.
I gave her a huge bag of clothes and shoes so she went off very happy.
And my cupboard looks a lot better.

Tomorrow is going to be hell.
I do hope it is going to be cool.
My mother needs some new bras.
For some reason(known only to her) she wants those contraptions that fasten between the legs.
An all in one sort of thing.
I can’t think of anything worse.
And we are going to battle to find something.
The fact that she can’t walk very far is not going to help.
I am dreading it.
Will tell you all about it tomorrow.



  1. Oh, Oh, my first mystery of 2014 – your mom’s clothing taste 😦 OK I am just a simple male.

    • Don’t feel alone Newsey…I don’t understand it either!

  2. The peacocks and peahens are delightful breakfast companions.

    I expect shopping with your mom will be a tad less delightful. 😉

    • Hehehe…thank heavens it IS a bit cooler today…I am NOT filled with excitement at the prospect!

  3. Good luck with the shopping. Isn’t it absolutely fabulous to have someone else clean your house for you? Best way I know of to give myself a treat. Beautiful birds. xxoo

    • Hi Lin…it was really fabulous.
      However, I must say I got into the moment too…took all my books out and dusted them and then put them back in author order!!!

  4. Them all in ones are terrible..there speaks the voice of experience. Your mumwill regret it especially in your hot climate.
    Good thing not to make resolutions..then they cannot be broken.
    Brilliant idea about maid service..not only helps you out but other person benefits too..great!
    do hope step dad, s BP will stabilise. ? Does he take medications,

    • No Patrecia…no medication which I think is fantastic at 90 years old.
      My mother insists those all in one things are more comfortable.

  5. No sense of humor indeed. I would pay extra to have a peacock keep me company during lunch! You live in an interesting place. I’m gonna send you some of the 8 inches of snow we got, see if that’ll cool ya down 😉

    • Oh wow…eight inches!!!
      Just send me two!

  6. bra shopping is my freaking nightmare, never mind buying one for my mother…and how exactly does your bra reach down and do up between your legs…that sounds like a torture device to me…

  7. the mind boggles about the between the leg bra! this is surely going to be a blog I will eagerly wait to read

  8. Kathy, please could you explain that bra to us again!
    Ruth2Day, I am with you on waiting for the blog 😉
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. Thank goodness you will have a cleaning lady. Cleaning ladies need the money and WE need the sanity. Good decision.

    Funny the contraptions women become used to using/having/wearing. Every once in a while I catch myself and pop out of some habit that no longer serves any practical purpose!

    No, I won’t give you an example!

    • Oh come on…just ONE example!

  10. I can’t wait! I once had a bra that fastened in front, and found it much harder to put on than a back fastening one, as you had to put it on like a coat, and it always seemed to twist in the process. Nowadays I just don’t bother: bras give me tachycardia! And who’s going to notice this old crone’s saggy boobs?

  11. Love the peacocks Granny. Enjoy the shopping. LOL!
    *big hugs* to you and Jasmine. xxx

  12. Oh my goodness, that should be some shopping excursion! I think you should treat yourself to something nice for doing all that.

  13. I hope the shopping trip wasn’t agony. It is bad enough buying underwear for yourself but it can be worse when you have someone difficult with you … like my mother, I love her dearly but she can be stubborn.

  14. I like your visitors. While she is at it, doesn’t mommy want a whalebone corset?

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