Posted by: granny1947 | January 3, 2014

Granny goes drip, drip, drip


Hello All.

Yes, I am sitting here dripping.
Sorry to harp on about weather but it is hard to think of anything else.
I can feel sweat running down between my breasts.
And down my back.
Well, I HOPE it is sweat trickling down my back.
And not some sort of creepy crawly.
Attracted by the salt.
Nah….any insect on my body right now would drown.

I have noticed a few new visitors to my blog.
Ones who have pressed the like button.
I can’t reciprocate as the link goes straight to their avatar.
Judy and Lisa Newman…if you are reading this please send me a link to your posts.

Spam mail seems to have taken a festive break too.
I have only received one in the last few days.

Tomorrow is my elder daughter’s birthday.
She is turning 46.
Where have all the years gone?
I don’t feel as if I have a kid who is nearing 50.
Good Lord what a thought.
Let’s not talk about the grandson who will be 22 in April.
Yes, let’s not talk about him.

In fact, I am not going to talk about anything now.
I am going to lie on the bed.
With the fan blowing on my fanny.


  1. Same scenario here granny….it is unbearably hot and I am very grateful for the ceiling fan in our bedroom! I find myself going to lie down for no excuse at all 😉 Happy Birthday to your daughter. It is very difficult to try and visualize where the years have gone. Hugs from FH xxx

  2. And suddenly the years slip by in unnoticed fashion, as long as we do n0t feel ancient all is well.

    • That is the thing Newsey…I don’t feel old at all…unless I have to climb off a chair or run somewhere!!

  3. We are dripping here too, but in a different way. Rain, rain, hail, rain… I hope it cools down for you soon.

    • I’ll swap with you in a heart beat.

  4. I used ti take the fan in under the mozzie net when we lived in the tropics.
    My youngest will be 50 this month, so I understand your misgivings!

    • Hi Viv…it is scary when they get so old!!!

  5. What will you say next ? There, s Ceci in Colorado in temperatures of -29 and you in SA with 32+. Where would I prefer to be….right here, where the daytime temp is a modest 11 degrees no rain , no sun, no snow, no wind

    stay cool Granny , use the fan wisely

    my eldest daughter is 55 ths year and eldest grandson 37 I think

    • Oh Dear P. …did I shock you?

  6. enjoy the fannyfan
    today the heat is on and the breeze went awol

    • What temp have you had up there Sidey?

      • It was pretty cool fior a bit, now we reach the high 20’s every day, There usually is a breeze, so it’s pleasant and I have a very shady garden which really is lovely on hot days

      • 34 degrees for us today…I am going to melt.

      • you may just do so

  7. Whahahahah Granny! Oh you are a treat! I have those days as well hon so don’t feel bad. We’re in and out of the pool here as it’s very, very hot. Enjoy the fan. 😀 *big hugs* to you and Jasmine. xxx

    • Oh stop talking about your pool Sonel…just makes me feel jealous. 🙂

  8. I feel for you, Granny. I hate heat that’s that intense. We are at -3 degrees (Farenheit) here and have awakened to 10 inches of beautiful snow. These are my favorite days – keeping warm inside with a sparkling snow outside. You and I really are on opposite ends of the world! 😉

    • Damn RD…if I had the money I would come and stay with you for a while!

  9. I’m sure there are some folks in the FRIGID NORTH who would like to trade places with you about now ~ it’s 40 degrees BELOW ZERO!

    • I guess some people are never happy…like me.

  10. My daughter is the same age as yours. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d have a truly middle-aged child. 😯 Best not think about it too much, or we might think we’re getting old. 🙂
    I hope that is only sweat running down your back. xx *hugs*

    • Good grief woman you look nowhere near my age…tell me your secret…unless it involves surgery.

      • Well thanks for the compliment. No surgeon is ever coming near my face. 🙂

  11. LOL! Granny, your final word had me spluttering

    • Well, Ruth, the fan IS at the bottom of the bed!

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