Posted by: granny1947 | January 2, 2014

Granny waffles in the New Year.


Hello All.

What am I going to talk about this evening?
Not much it seems.
I am just too hot to think.

The weather gods are playing silly buggers with me.
I woke up this morning to rain and it was lovely and cool.
Almost chilly.
And then the sun came out.
And the humidity came with it.
Tomorrow is going to be worse.

Every year I buy myself a Xmas present.
Usually, it is the latest Terry Pratchett book.
This year was no exception.
Except the book cost a whopping R420.00.
I am reading it very slowly to make it last longer.

ML gave me three R1000 vouchers to Edgars.
With strict instructions to buy Clarins make-up.
I always listen to strict instructions.
Though Mex told me to buy Ponds.
All ladies go euwwwwwwwwwwww.

I walked up to the Clarins counter trying to look like a rich old biddy.
I selected some base, some double serum and some moisturiser.
And then I spoilt the whole illusion.
I asked what samples she was going to give me.
She asked me what I wanted.
And I said LOTS!
I love samples.
I can make them last for ages.
She gave me neck firming cream(I really need that)
Some night cream.
Some really nice perfume.
And some extra double serum.
I don’t think the serum does a damn thing but it feels good.
And I still have change.
Life is good.



Enough for now.
Am off to have a cold shower.
And to wash my hair.
With all this sweating I am going to have to invest in a jumbo size bottle of shampoo.


  1. There’s nothing better than retail shopping therapy! 🙂 Hope things cool off for you soon. Heat waves are miserable. I’m savoring every second of winter.

    • Hi RD….especially if you don’t have to pay for it. ML is so good to me.

  2. ooooh I love freebies…and as you say they last just as long as the stuff you pay for..Now that was a wise thing to do… You will be as beautiful as ever Granny dear, but now you will feel beautiful as well…..stay cool !
    I have not received the sunshine parcel yet! Have you posted it?

    • Hi Patrecia…I have tried to will the heat over to you but it isn’t working…the next two days are going to be horrific here.

  3. R420 for a book!
    That’s $42.

    Read it VERY slowly! :mrgreen:

    • Don’t remind me NR…am trying not to have buyers remorse but I do love his books.

  4. It’s humid here but the humidity is in the form of bucketsful of water tipping constantly out of the sky. Except that we had a beautiful morning. More rain and gales tonight.

    I don’t put anything on my skin except the occasional moisturiser from the supermarket, and haven’t done for donkey’s years. I don’t seem to get rich on the savings, though!

    • I know you are having a torrid time weather wise but I still think I would swap…this heat just drains me.
      I use very little and if it wasn’t for ML I certainly wouldn’t be using all this gunk but it DOES feel good.

  5. Happy New Year granny….very very hot here too…and humid for Fish Hoek! I don’t like……what a special friend you have luv, you so deserve the beautiful spoilings! I also love to use the samples and they take ages to use up. xx

    • The same to you my friend. Am dreading today. We are miles from the sea so no nice little sea breeze.
      love you lots.

  6. You are so funny!

    • Thanks JM…I does me best. 🙂

  7. Eeeeuuuuuw! LOL! I don’t get into town much but this reminded me of my mom. She also loved samples and always had a lot of them and you are right Granny…they do last long. hehehe
    Hot here today too. Come over with Jasmine and we’ll lie in the pool all day long. 😆

    • Oh Sonel…I wish I had a pool…I would stay in it all day.

  8. Here in eastern PA it is 11 degrees. That’s ELEVEN. It’s COLD. Wish I could share it with you. 🙂

    • Me too Sharechair…me too.

  9. You are so lucky to get samples, when I ask they never have any. Must be your kind face Granny 🙂

    • Oh Ruth…they probably look at me and think “this woman needs some serious help”

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