Posted by: granny1947 | January 1, 2014

Granny is hot and grumpy


Hello all.

And a very happy New year to all of you.
May the year ahead be filled with happiness and love.

This is going to be a short post.
I am exhausted.
Not from working.
Far from it.
But the heat has sapped every bit of energy from me.

I don’t understand it.
I was born here.
I should be used to it.
But I’m not.
At one stage I actually felt nauseous from the heat.
Thank God a breeze has now come up so I should be able to sleep.
Tomorrow or the next day the forecast is 33 degrees.
I am going to spend the entire day in an air conditioned shopping centre.
Or drive around all day with my car conditioner on.

We took a drive to the beachfront this morning.
It was packed,  and the way people were streaming in, it was going to get worse.



We have passed the stage of seeing in the new year.
It will happen even if I am asleep.
However, a couple of my kids are morons.
And I hope they read this.
Sylvia, I am talking to you ( DIL)
I love the idea that you think of me at midnight but sending me an sms is not condusive to a happy granny.
Especially when another kid sends me an sms at 1:11am!!!
News flash to all of you…it will still be New Year at eight o’clock the next morning!!!



I wish I could sleep with the door open tonight.
It will never happen.
Mex worries about intruders.
Two legged ones and creepy crawlies.
I don’t know what his problem is.
He has Jasmine AND me to protect him.



  1. As I command the dogs, the Boxer takes no notice, just chill 🙂

    • Jasmine listens to me unless the paper boy or the postman come to the gate…then there is no stopping her.

  2. can you parcel some of that heat up and send it over here, its a bit nippy here but not as cold as some parts of USA.
    I used to have sms on New Years Eve but solved the problem by turning phone off…messages are still there in the morning.
    we had to stay up as the Bulgarians like their fireworks and one dog is terrified of bangs so it was rather a late night but at least I got to watch The Bucket List on DVD as there was nothing worth watching on TV.
    Happy New Year Mrs Granny…love to Jasmine and a cuddle lots of love P

    • I never hear any fireworks but there must have been a few bangs in the distance as Mex says Jasmine tried to hide in the kitchen area where there are no windows.
      Happy new year to you too…may it be a really good one.

  3. It was a wonderful day in Durban and the beach areas were simply INSANE!

    Give Mex a choice: the chance of intruders, or the certainty of assault by you. Aided by Jasmine – I’m sure she’d come in on your side.

    • Hi Col…I am sure she would be on my side…poor thing is really feeling this heat…lies right under the fan.

  4. Hot and grumpy, nothing has changed then 🙂

    • Why change a good thing Harry????

  5. I put my phone on silent for the night!

    • Hi Sidey…think I will do that this year!

      • it really helps

  6. Look at it this way – you could be cold, have 4 wet dogs around you, and be grumpy, like me.

    • I would swap in an instant Mara….you can always put on another jersey…what do you do in this dreadful heat? Frighten the neighbours?

  7. What if you cover yourself with a damp sheet . . . and blow a fan at it? That might cool you down?

    • Now that is a good plan. Today is cool and raining but might try it tomorrow when the forecast is horrendous.

  8. And I quite agree about midnight callers . . . it better be an EMERGENCY or I’m going to be CRANKY!

  9. Happy 2014 to you Granny. Now about those phone calls, maybe you should SMS them this evening and see if it works. But shame, remember, they love you enough to send you a message 🙂

    • Agreed Ruth but I am not at my best when woken up TWICE in the middle of the night.
      Happy 2014 to you too.

  10. Tell me about it Granny! I grew up in Kimberley and that place is hot but it seems the older I get, the less I can handle this heat. It tires me out and makes me grumpy as well. Lovely shots hon. 😀
    Between you and me, I would prefer creepy crawlies above intruders and have quite a few in the house. Max should be glad you and Jasmine are there to protect him. 😉
    Wishes for a blessed and wonderful 2014 hon.
    *big hugs* for you and Jasmine and lots of kisses. xxx

    • Thanks so much and the same to you love.

  11. A very happy and healthy new year to you Granny! Heat makes me sick to my stomach now too, even though I grew up spending summers at the beach, broiling in the sun, hoping to roast my skin to that perfect I-don’t-need-to-wear-stockings tan. If you want a break from it, pay us a visit – we’re expecting a foot of snow tonight! 🙂

    • The same to you Rd…wishing you a really great 2014.
      Wish I could visit you…I am sitting here dripping and it is 5:30pm…sleep is going to be hell tonight.

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