Posted by: granny1947 | December 27, 2013

Granny and day five and six


Hello All.

So, on the Wednesday ML booked us into a five star hotel for the night.
A real treat.
We spent some time in the casino.
Of course.
I won some money and put it back.
Silly cow.
ML won a HUGE amount.
So much they had to give her a cheque.
She deserves it as she is one of the most generous people I know.
The evening was a bit spoilt as her husband phoned to say her cat had not come in.
This cat is her baby and she was frantic with worry.
It came back the next day with a cut leg and had to go to the vet but he is fine.

2013_1220sylvia0026                                                                                                                                            View from my bedroom window.

When we got back I headed to elder son’s place for coffee.
And more family time.
All good.
Then I went through to my beloved Kommetjie.
My friend’s house is right on the beach.
I was in heaven.
The view from her front patio.(the picture above is the view)



The whole time I was in Cape Town the wind blew.
But when I got to my beach it was perfect.
It was as though it knew I was back.
The bay was a mass of whales.
Everywhere you looked you could see the water spouts.
Unfortunately, too far for my camera.
I thought I might not make the whole beach walk as I am seriously out of practice but I did.
With ease.
I was kissed by strange dogs and had conversations with complete strangers.
I walked with my feet in the cold Atlantic.
And I just loved every minute of it.


The downside is I miss the place even more now.



  1. so sorry you can’t just be there for ever

    • Wait until I win the lottery….you won’t see me for dust.

      • we will see the pictures though 😉

      • Is the Pope Catholic Sidey????

      • Not sure. I will have to check…..

  2. The upside is..go back

    you only have one life and you should not spend it where you do not want to be

  3. I know Patrecia…easier said than done…the old people need me and, at least, I have a job here.

  4. You came to Cape Town and Kommetjie?? I never knew………….

    • Hi Colleen…I fully intended popping in for coffee but I was just revelling in my kids and grandkids…next time.

      • Totally understand and don’t blame you at all granny! So glad you had a good time. Looooong journey!

  5. Drag those old people to Cape Town kicking and screaming! 🙂

    • That will never happen Linda…must send you a pic just now.

  6. There is a lot to be missed about it.

  7. Granny, from your stories of your life, you really haven’t done much in a straight, predictable, linear manner. You’ll get back to Cape Town, knowing you. It’s HOW that will be worth waiting to hear!

    • You are correct Souldipper…there is the correct way and then there is my way. 🙂

  8. So glad that the beach cooperated for your visit ~ wish you could have stayed LONGER.

    • Me too NR…me too.

  9. Kommetjie awaits you ANYTIME you need an escape….a rest….a brake… you millions, my friend xxxxx

    • It was wonderful to see you my love…thank you so much for your incredible hospitality.

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