Granny and the trip continued.

2013_1220sylvia0009                                                                                                                                            The view from my bedroom at ML’s house

Hello All.

So where did I get to?
Oh yes, I spent a very nice evening with my friend of more than fifty years.
From there I went over to my old hairdresser for a much needed trim.
Only they had gone out of business.
And there was a new one in their place.
I asked if they could fit me in and they said “sure” and would I like a cup of tea.
When the very fancy tray arrived together with a small biscuit I thought “oh dear”.
I should have asked what they charged.
R300 for a TRIM!!!
It was a good trim but  I didn’t feel it was worth that much.
One lives and learns.

Looking better but poorer I went into the nearby supermarket and bought a huge box of biscuits and some goodies and went over to my elder son’s place.
They have bought their first home and had just moved in.
Utter chaos.
Boxes everywhere.
Younger son and his family came over in the evening and we had a BBQ.
Utter bliss to be surrounded by children and three of my grandkids and two step grandkids.

From there I went over to ML.
She and her husband went shopping for the day and I had some marvellous me-time.
I did a load of washing and read and napped and talked to her zoo.
They have:
Three cats.

2013_1220sylvia0005                                                                                                                                            Meet Pedro…one really naughty Siamese kitten.

Three chickens.

ML’s son has a snake park.
The chickens survived a night in a tank with a python and were given a reprieve.
They now live a life of luxury.

Three snakes.

2013_1220sylvia0010These are not my favourite creatures.
Found myself looking over my should all the time!
Two bearded monsters.

2013_1220sylvia0013Two huge mountain tortoises.
And fish tanks all over the house.
Including one in my bedroom.
Where the gurgling made me want to go to the toilet all night.

Enough for now.
It gets more interesting later.

13 responses to “Granny and the trip continued.”

  1. R300 for a haircut! Ah yes but the coffee was free!
    I hate snakes with their beady eyes and flicking tongue, no definitely not me.even a worm gives me the creeps.
    Waiting for next instalment

  2. No snakes for me, thanks. The other creatures are fine with me. Some people can go a little OTT with “pets”. I can’t even bear to pay R100 to cut my thinning, baby-fine hair.

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